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  1. Default vegas to SF in early october

    Hello all,

    Since I wasn't able to find a reference to our route in October, i decided to add this post.

    My friend and I will be visiting the US for the first time this fall.
    according to our plan, we will have 3 nights avaliable for the trip from LV to SF and we are planning to see some nature on these days.

    We are trying to find a reasonable route that will preferably go through the Death valley and Yosemite park, and will last for about 3 days&nights.

    If you could also share your opinion about these places in this time of year and/or places to stay and eat in, we will be more than gratefull !


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    Default a wonderfull journey

    hello and welcome.
    thats a lovely drive with fascinating scenery from sand dunes in death valley to the lakes and mountains and valley in yosemite.
    from vegas you can either leave by way of hwy 95 to the north that'll take you towards beatty and rhyolite ghost town [and a little further north scottys castle] or you could head out east on hwy 160 to paphrump and onto death valley junction and cut across on the 190 to furnace creek which is a nice place to stop for lunch,or an overnight depending upon what time you leave vegas. this will take you past badwater the lowest spot in the u.s.a. [and the western hemisphere i think].
    both these routes could lead you to stovepipe wells and the sand dunes as you continue on hwy 190 towards lone pine and then head north on hwy 395 towards lee vining where you can connect with hwy 120 [the tioga pass] across the sierras and into yosemite. allow some time for this journey,it's spectacular and you will want to stop to take in the amazing scenery.
    you can pay a premium but if it's in your budget i would definately stay in the valley floor and do a bit of sight seeing,and time permitting take a drive up to glacier point,it's outstanding!
    another possible place to stay would be groveland heading out of yosemite towards san fran on hwy 120 and the scenic "priests grade".
    heres some links that may help:death valley., yosemite, yosemite lodging.
    with an early start from vegas you should make good progress towards lee vining,[possibly mammoth lakes?] for the night and spend the next day and night into yosemite. another day in yosemite and a trip to glacier point with a possible stop in groveland that night should set you up nicely fot the trip to san fran.
    have a great trip!!!!!!!!!

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    Default thousands of ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm surprised you couldn't find any information about this route. Its the number one most talked about trip on this forum, with several thousand posts on the subject. In addition to the excellent information that Gommy has provided, I suggest you read his field report and browse through some of these posts on this subject.

  4. Default Thank you

    Thank you gommy for the elaborate respince, it's great!
    and after reading your trip report i got even more patienceless to fly over already !!!

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