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    Hey folks,

    This forum is a gem! I will enjoy reading through it over the next few days.
    Anyway, me and my girlfriend have a road trip semi planned. We have booked flights and a car etc and have a good idea of where we would like to go. I would like your expert advice on the trip and any tips or anything at all you can offer, please post!

    We land in Chicago on 10/12/08 (Dec 10, 08) at about 1pm. We hope to see the Sears Tower and Grant Park on that day, stop in the hotel then set off in the morning>

    Indianapolis - See the Indy 500 track>

    Nashville - Any recommendations for things to see here appreaciated>
    JD distillery - Speaks for itself!>

    Memphis - HAVE to go to Graceland and spend the night there, try to go into Memphis too to see the Sun Studios etc>

    Oklahoma City - 45th Infantry Division Museum, Country & Western heritage>

    Dodge City - Wax Museums>
    Mount Rushmore - Obvious >

    Denver - Would like to do a day of snowboarding here in the Rockies and the Six Flags Gardens>

    Monument Valley>

    Grand Canyon>

    Hoover Dam>

    We hope to be in Las Vegas by the 24th and spend two nights there >

    Death Valley>

    Then continuing to LA and doing the coast there. Some surf spots etc.

    We leave from LAX on the 6th/01/2009 (Jan 6, 09) so a total of 28 days in USA. Have we given ourselves enough time to do everything and see plenty?
    I could use some help in finding some inportant things to see that I have no doubt missed!

    Thanks for looking in.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A month should give you plenty of time to explore this trip, but there are a couple things I would keep in mind.

    Mount Rushmore is a pretty big detour from Dodge City to Denver. Going there will add 600 miles to your trip. I'm not saying you shouldn't go there or work it into your plans, it just stands out because all of your other stops stay on a relatively direct route.

    The other thing that could be a potential problem is that I'm not sure that 6 Flags will still be open in Denver in December. These places tend to shut down for the winter. If roller coasters are a priority, you might have to wait for six flags magic mountain near LA at the end of your trip.

    And of course, this trip will be early in the winter season, so you will have to keep the weather in mind as you travel, and be ready to deal with potential delays.

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    Thanks Michael. The 6 Flags wasn't a certain thing anyway. I know Mount Rushmore is a big diversion but while we are there I really want to see it.

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