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    Default Nashville to Chicago on Scooter

    I am trying to plan a road trip from Nashville to Chicago. I have been looking for some basic directions but everywhere I search always gives directions that include the interstate. My scooter is 125cc and can not leagally be taken on the interstate. My scooter has a top speed of about 65mph. Can any one give some assistance in planning this trip, or point me in the right direction to find the info that I need. This is my first long road trip on a scooter. The furthest I have gone so far is about 150 miles.

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    On-line mapping routines are aimed at the most frequent users, people looking for the easiest, fastest route. They are programmed to pick the Interstates even if that means more miles. Your particular needs are diametrically opposed to what they are trying to do. Mapquest does have an "avoid highways" option, but it will only work for trips of less than 250 miles, so it's not of use to you. In fact your plight is a good example of why you'll often see recommendations here to forget GPS, forget software altogether and use old-fashioned paper maps. They let you decide which of the thousands of available roads to use.

    OK - enough background. For your purposes, here is a good route: US-431 north out of Nashville to Owensboro, KY then US-231 north to Crawfordsville, IN; a short stretch on US-136 west to US-41 north to Chicago. That minimizes the navigation you'll have to do, keeps you on the US numbered system and is just as direct as the Interstate route.

    One word of caution. I think you are going to be putting an enormous strain on your scooter. It was not designed for this kind of trip. Be sure to have it checked out thoroughly by a good mechanic before you leave and make frequent stops along the way.


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