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  1. Default Tenting advice in Niagara Falls, ON

    We are planning our big roadtrip from Long Island to WY. Our first stop is Naigara Falls. I found a place we can tent-camp at, called Campark. It says it has shuttles to the falls regularly. And has sites still available for when we want to go in August. Has any one had experience with this location or others? We checked Jellystone, but they required 3 nights, and we are only staying 2. We could have a hotel for that price. I would appreciate any information or advice you can give me. Also, we are hoping to do the Maid of the mist and cave of the winds in one day. Do you think that will be possible in August? Weekday or weekend:?

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    Default Other Camping Possibilities

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    I've never been a particular fan of commercial campsites. I much prefer the more rustic feel of provincial and state parks. In the Niagara area, there are a few within easy driving distance of the Falls including Rock Point in Ontario and Four Mile Creek, Golden Hill, Darien Lakes, and Evangola in New York. Now it's true that none of those is in Niagara Falls proper, they're on the order of 25-30 miles away. But they may be more suitable to your tastes.


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    The last time I camped near Niagara Falls, I stayed at Rock Point Prov Park - as listed by Buck. I don't remember a lot of specifics, but it was certainly a nice park and the trip to the falls took about 45 minutes. I've stayed at many provincial parks in Ontario, and I don't think I've ever been disappointed, they often have things like shower and laundry facilities, even campground stores, that make for a very pleasant, yet reasonably prices stay.

    I don't know any specifics of the campground you've found, but I am always very suspicious of commercial campgrounds in urban areas like this. Too often you get a slab of land that is barely big enough for your tent, and you'll have almost no separation with the other sites and you'll pay almost as much as a motel room. Like I said, however, I have no details on the specifics of the place you are looking at.

  4. Default Just what I wanted to know

    Thank you both for the information. I am now looking at Rock Point as both Buck and Michael recommended it. My biggest concern is how far it is from the Falls. I lived in Buffalo 22 years ago and I recall parking being a hassle. Is that the way you recall it too? I wonder if I will be able to camp there, find parking and still do the things I want to do. What do you think?
    This is the first time on any adventure like this so I am open to all information and suggestions. I appreciate your experience and I am grateful for your willingness to share.
    If there is anything else you know, don't hesitate to let me know. I am taking it all in.
    Thanks again.

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    Default parking

    Parking can be a bit of a challenge but its certainly not an impossible thing. Basically, there isn't a ton of parking very close to the falls, and what is there can be fairly expensive. However, there is plenty of parking in general, you just might have to park and take a shuttle back or plan to walk. My last 2 trips there, I've found free on street parking, but I've probably looked at a 1/2 mile to a mile long walk to the falls.

  6. Default Great, now about the sights to see

    Thanks again. You are really helping me figure out how I want to get around. I am still looking for any other information people have about the area. I was just checking, and contrary to my memory, it seems like the Cave of the Winds or any other close up look at the Falls , besides the view from the top or the Maid of the Mist are on the American side. There even used to be a walk I did once with my Dad where we climbed steps along the side of the falls. Does anyone know about that?

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