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  1. Default best route tucson, az to gunnison,co

    have 4 days... would like to include north rim of canyon or canyonlands

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    Default best?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The question "best route" is an impossible question to answer, especially when the only criteria you've laid out are saying you'd like to stop at atleast one of 2 national parks, that are a couple hundred miles from each other.

    What are you looking to accomplish for this trip? Why North Rim or Canyonlands and do you want to see both or just one? Are there other national parks you want to see? What would make one route "best" over another route?

  3. Default thanks for reply,, goal is gunnison

    difficlut to choose, but, must get to gunnison, from tucson,, might have to forget north rim,,, leave tucson friday,,, arrive gunnison monday,,, thanks for any ideas

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    Default nothing?

    you still haven't told us anything about what you are looking for. You could do this trip in as little as one very long day, going up through Albuquque. Certainly there is some room to take any number of detours, but if you aren't willing to help us, we really can't start to help you.

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