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    I've been planning a road trip for early July for a while. I planned on starting in Boston, stopping in Columbus, and heading down to Route 66 the rest of the way to LA. I'm not going to stop in Columbus now, to save some gas money. If I take this route, will it really only take 1 day 21 hours like googlemaps says? I tend to not trust technology, as when I drove back from Maryland to Boston once, I listened to a Tom Tom about driving through NY/CT instead of my gut, and ended up on a two lane high way looking at the same scenery for hours and hours longer than it would have been if I took a different route. Anyway, here is the link to the googlemaps route that I picked.

    I'm driving with one other friend. I really want to leave on July 5th and get there on the 8th, but when we stop for food and gas, I want to see something interesting. So the whole route doesn't necessarily have to be scenic, but parts. Does that make sense?

    I could really use some advice on whether or not this is a realistic route to take. I would like to see route 66 but I don't want to get in over my head, either... I want to get out there in one piece. I watch too many scary movies so I don't want to at any point, be driving for four hours in the desert or mountains without any signs of civilization.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If I take this route, will it really only take 1 day 21 hours like googlemaps says?
    You've got a good reason to be suspicious of technology - there's not a chance this trip will "only take 1 day 21 hours." The only way that would be accurate is if you have a robot car didn't need fuel, and you didn't have to worry about every slowing down or stopping.

    The reality is a trip like this is pointless to break down into hours, it needs to be broken down into days. You're looking at a 3000 mile trip, and at 10+ hours on the road per day sticking to Interstates, this is still a 5 day trip. To break it down into the 4 days you've listed as a goal, you'd need to be on the road at least 13 hours a day - and that certainly isn't enjoyable and even with 2 people, it would border on unsafe.

    As far as route 66 goes, if you choose to get off the interstate and explore some of the old road, you'll need to factor in more time. However, the path you've got laid out on the interstates would certainly take you along the same general path and take you through many of the classic R66 towns where you'll get a chance to enjoy some of the nostalgia when you stop.

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    If you want to get there in three days you better stick to the interstate highways and invest in a good radar detector!

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    I am pretty sure boilrdog's post was "tongue in cheek" but to clarify what Michael has said 4 days is an absolute minimum and 5 days is recommended. To do it in less than 4 you would need to fly !

    Have a safe journey.

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