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    Hey folks.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. My partner & I are looking at a 15 – 20 day trip along the Eastern Sea board.

    We will fly into Boston or New York and will have to be in Orlando towards the end for a family get together. But so far that’s pretty much it!!!!

    We have never really planned such a trip before so we would like to do it right. So far we’ve chosen a few days up around Maine, a few days in New York. We have some friends to visit in Washington DC but that’s really as far as we’ve got….

    The Northern part of the trip is ok (I say with the utmost optimism!!!!) it’s the following that we REALLY need help with

    1 – How far inland is realistically travelable (i.e. not going to eat into too much of our time)????

    2 – The Washington to Orlando leg of the trip. Neither of us would be too familiar with this part of the States so any suggestions / recommendation would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    If you are going to be starting out looping into Maine, I would suggest flying into Boston instead of New York to save yourself some time.

    You could actually go quite far inland with three weeks time. How much time are you planning on spending in Maine altogether (you said a few, so I'm figuring 3-4), and where are you spending your time?

    A good guidebook you may want to consider is Drive I-95, even if you only plan to be on the Interstate for a short portion of the trip.

    You also have the option to go into one of my favorite areas of the country, the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia.

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    Considering the time of year, you might want to include the Blue Ridge Parkway in your travels as you come south. The leaves will be changing and the weather should be ideal in the mountains.

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    Default hii help us

    Hi all! This is my first post and I'm writing here because my sweetheart and I are taking the first part of next year and heading out on the road. Our goal is to save money until then and leave from the central New York area, head down the east coast and then over to the west by way of the south. Before I get into specifics, I'm curious where to begin to know how to plan for money/budgeting, packing, things to look out for/be careful of, etc...
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