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    Hey folks,

    On my trip out west this fall my friends and I are planning on taking two days to get from Glacier back to Salt Lake where we'll fly back east. Since we'll already have spent a few days exploring Montana, we wanted to take a route back south through Idaho. What are some good routes to take and things to see for a bunch of scenery-minded road trippers? (Also, I'm trying specifically to spend as little time as possible on I-84 and in and around Boise since both my sister and I have driven that more than once before.) Our style is to leave by 7 a.m. every morning and find a cheap or free place to camp by 5 p.m. or so, if that's any help.

    And are the Shoshone Falls worth checking out?

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    Howdy again huskylives-

    You'll probably see where I added a long sidetrip loop in SW Montana to your prior.

    If you're sticking to Idaho, and if your exit from Glacier will take you through Missoula, look at coming down US 93 to Lost Trail Pass, the MT-ID border. Along the way you can venture on spur routes W of 93 up into some great alpine lake country in the Bitterroots, generally W of Darby and Hamilton. At Lost Trail Pass, you can turn E for just a few miles and enter the Big Hole, see the Big Hole National Battlefield, pass through Jackson, and from there rejoin the Nez Perce' trail past Reservior and hook up to the dirt road traversing Lemhi Pass. From there, you can drop back into ID and US 93 in the vicinity of Salmon, ID. All of this can be done in a conventional car, although higher clearance would be a plus, but not necessarily 4WD.


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