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  1. Default Slow Trip Newark, NJ to San Francisco, CA via the north

    Hi All:

    Very new to this - planning a trip in my convertible which has no a/c for start about middle of July. Thinking of about 300 miles a day at the most. Going through to pittsburgh pa for a stop over at friends (one stop before - don't know where) -- but after that - thinking of trying a very northern route for a little bit cooler weather (maybe not possible in July) -- I was thinking of through ohio with the top down - and the camping gear ready -

    any good camping places in ohio you've heard of ? after Cleveland
    I think i want to stop at the rock and roll hall of fame - a little scared of keeping stuff in a convertible even with the top up - any security ideas?

    I thought maybe a metal camping chest with a lock on it -- the car is a pretty old VW - so I want to take those old "colorful" highways of the past like route 20, 30, 2 etc. - not 80 or 70 but old two lane blacktops - any book for that ?

    then to ann arbor -- maybe up through Michigan and on the way to Isle Royal National Park ?? Want to stop at a lot of National parks - love them !!!

    Is there a cool ferry somewhere past grand rapids that goes to Wisconsin ?
    lake Express ferry (I see) - has anybody taken that ?

    Then on to Minneapolis then up to Isle Royal but there I run out of gas so to speak..... ( not certain about Isle Royal - it makes it more of let's go to canada trip) Canada to Calgery OR

    ----from Wisconsin to North Dakota to Montana (been to Glacier - wow) and then to Seattle

    --places to camp along that route - good National/State parks ?
    what about those badlands ????

    then down the coast to San Francisco

    Alternate might be Montana then down to Salt Lake -- what is the best way to go from Salt Lake to CA ??? - kind of afraid of the rockies with an old car.

    This is me and a pipe dream now - but I am hoping some suggestions from the beginning will lead me to the end...



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    Default A Few Ideas

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I've never taken the Ferry (there are 2, the lake express and the SS Badger which crosses farther north) across the lake. It could be a fun trip, but its a little expensive for my tastes.

    Actually, considering where you are going, I would personally skip crossing the lake and go north through Michigan. Cross the Macinaw Bridge and then make your way across the UP. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a very nice stop along your way.

    I haven't been to Isle Royale, but I know you could take the ferry from Michigan and then take it to Minnesota to continue west, and perhaps visit Voyagers NP (aka the boundary waters).

    Another option instead of in addition to Isle Royale, would be to visit the Apostle Islands. I haven't yet been to either place, but Apostle Islands look a little more interesting too me.

    More ideas for state/national parks, the Mississippi River's starting point at Lake Itasca State Park. And in North Dakota, Teddy Roosevelt NP is a very nice place to enjoy the northern badlands.

    Finally, if you go down to Utah, US-50 (aka the Loneliest Road) would be the logical choice for roads to take you to California. Once you get through Utah, you wouldn't need to worry about the Rockies, it would only be the Sierras that would be in your way.

  3. Default Re your ideas

    Thank you so much Michael....
    This part of the United States seems SO BIG....
    and so unknown to me...
    I imagine a very large expanses of tree after tree - forest forest forest
    not populated at all..
    a little like my driving in northern Maine
    or on up into Canada.

    Again I am a little concerned about being on my own and in an unpopulated area with an old car. Being stuck up there would really mean being stuck.

    But what is life without some adventure. I 'll look into the UP... which I never even knew existed... it can easily be missed on the map...

    Have you been to the Pictured Rocks ? it sounds like it would satisfy my northern lake musings ... almost like I wouldn't need to travel on to Isle Royale.. which seems so far .. far away.. you can only go so far and then you must be back on the path again .. and out west is where I am headed.

    I like Lake Itasca State Park and Teddy Roosevelt NP and will definitely stop there...

    The idea of Route 50 - How would you suggest getting there from say .. Teddy Roosevelt park? I've been to Yellowstone and the Tetons and don't need to go over that far -- do you suggest going south through South Dakota and into Wyoming ... I am sure there are some NP's near there ... must look that up...

    Anyway maybe UP in MI is now in the picture.. thanks Michael.

  4. Default NYC to - One stop in PA on the way to Pittsburgh


    Starting In Hoboken, NJ ...
    some Route 80 to 380 (not happy about that but..)
    but then ...
    Thinking about taking route 6 on the way to Pittsburgh...
    cause it's non- super highway (yes!)

    Anyone find a nice campsite about half way there along 6 ?
    somewhere near Mansfield

    or how about Route 22 --- any ideas there ???
    say near Harrisburg


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    Default It Doesn't Get Any Better

    Than 'camping' in a cabin, on a lake, and listening to the loons.


  6. Default Thanks AZ

    You're absolutely right

    It couldn't...


  7. Default Pittsburgh to Ann Arbor or Teledo, OH

    Hi All:

    This is such a great site - everyone is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I love it - anyway ... after Pittsburgh I drive up to Lake Erie and about 250 miles later I am near Toledo and not far from Ann Arbor, MI

    How about a great campsite near there ? - something less RVish and more camp tentish -- you get the idea....

    and if not some great B&B (less $ please)

    There must be something near that great beautiful lake -- huh ???



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    Default sterling

    I've only camped in that area once, at Sterling State Park along the lake in Michigan. If I remember, it wasn't the best tent camping site I've ever been at - the sites were far more in the open than I prefer, not much tree cover - and the campsites themselves weren't very close to the Lake. However, it got the job done and is certainly in your neighborhood.

  9. Default Thanks Michael

    Yes I did a google map and it sure is out in the open - like you said

    but yes it is on the Lake and that's what I asked for....

    should be fine for a night stop over..

    WOW ! you guys are good !

    thanks again

  10. Default Now The Big Decision !!!!

    Ok I am traveling along as far as Toledo and everything is Good !

    But Now I am talking to myself and I say " hey Lola"

    "yes" I say, because I am good mannered.

    "North or South"

    Uh oh ???? - confusion...

    It seems I can go up to the Canadian boarder and maybe along but not on route 90 -- really route 2

    go "in line" so to speak along route 20

    or hop on down the Mississippi river road, so to speak, to St. Louis and take the Route 50 near Route 70 on out WEST...

    What are the advantages OH ROUTE GODS to these routes ??????

    Only the Route shadow knows or maybe some of those moderator types ??

    Like HUH ?


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