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    I am doing a 6 week tour of states, we are going to start in NY and then fly south carolina for a two week beach and surf holiday and then plan driving up the east coast to catch our next flight to vancouver. Would anybody have done this route before, recommend places to stop and stay over,,, and would like if possible to take in the hamptons. We have four days to make it up from s.c to newark airport so any advice on car hire etc etc would be Hugely appreciated. We are heading west coast to do route from san fran to san diego and have gotten some great information off the forum for that leg
    Thanking you in advance for any help you can give

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    I've personally never done this exact route as you (ironically, I live in the east, but have never been to the southeast -- S.C., Florida, Georgia) but I can give you some rough advice. I think the big question is, what are you interested in seeing?

    For the citydweller in you, you'll pretty much be going right through Philadelphia and Washington D.C. on your way and that would be worth checking out. I personally like to go plantation-hopping when I'm in the southern states. There's some great old buildings that you can check out and pay to wander the grounds (ranging anywhere from $2-$10, from my experience). If you like the historical, there's also Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Roanoke, Philadelphia, Gettysburg... all not far from where you'll be driving, along with a bunch of old presidential homes.

    For the scenic, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a no-brainer. A really great drive, but I hear it can be crowded in the summer months (I've always driven it in winter/spring). That runs into the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, although by the time you get to that point I'd recommend getting off the drive and checking the valley below -- it's very, very nice country, with lots of great farmland and rolling hills and the lovely Shenandoah River. If you like hiking, there's plenty of trails in the park, as well as lots of camping in the area and backcountry cabins you can rent (first-come first-serve). Great Smoky Mountain National Park is on the NC/TN border, though I've never been there.

    I have no advice on places to stay since I always just bring a tent with me and scout out cheap camping spots along the way, and my trip this August will actually be my first of renting a car instead of driving my own, so I'm afraid I've got nothing for you there either.

    Where are you from?

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    Been there and done that several times...Currently living in BC, Canada.

    From South to North:

    South Carolina - visit Charleston - dinner at Hanks seafood, walk down Church Street to the Battery and enjoy the air. For beaches you have the Isle of Palms, and Kiawah are the really nice ones, Folly Beach is my favorite but very eclectic. Best Southern Barbeque is in Holly Hill SC - Sweatmans - they are only open Friday and Saturday and are about 10 minutes east of I-95.

    From there you have to decide is its coastal or mountains. I-95 is pretty boring but you can go from Jersey to SC in about a 12 hour day

    North Carolina - either up the coast and visit the Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk, Chesapeake Virginia - cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and follow north into Delaware. Then the Cape May Lewes Ferry into South Jersey and keep following the coast up to Staten Island and find your airport


    North Carolina and head west into the Piedmont and follow the Blue Ridge Mountains up through the Shenandoah Valley to Skyline Drive, Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg and north through the upper Appalachain Mountains. Here you can decide to get rural in Pa or head to the East Coast cities of Washington, Baltimore, Phila etc...

    If you stay rural in Pa - you can cross into Jersey or New York to the Airport.

    If you head to the East from Harpers Ferry or Gettysburg there is lots of US History along this route and you can get to the Smithsonian in DC, Annapolis in Maryland. The Inner Harbor in Baltimore with the RR Museum and then up tO Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

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    OMG thats brilliant advice thank you so much. Were coming from Ireland and actually will be heading to vancouver after we get up east coast, my borthers live in langley so quite close to you !
    Thanks a million,,,, now i have some reference points i can start doing a bit of digging so we get the most out of the trip east.

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