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  1. Default CT to Montreal

    Anybody been to Montreal?

    The trip is going to be three 18-19 yr old guys.
    In August

    We kinda just made this idea up. So any pointers would be great.

    I looked up a hotel already, I've got the route planned out, I figured how much it would take us for gas, What bars are closest to the hotel, and I picked up French for Dummies.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    How many days do you have for your trip?
    Are you planning on spending all of your time in Montreal, or getting out and exploring the area?

    Here are some tips about entry requirements to Canada.

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    I am living in Montreal, so I will be pleased to help you for the attractions to see in the city. There are plenty of bars and things to do in Montreal. Do you know already the hotel you are planning to stay? Just ask specific questions and I will answer the best I can.


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    I think its going to be the candlewood inn.
    I think downtown is pretty much within walking distance no?
    What is there to do during the day?
    Hottest clubs? Bars? at night
    and how about dress, I hear Montreal is a pretty fashioncentric city. We aren't squares or anything, but we are VERY casual as in ripped shorts and such...obviously we'd have to amp it up a bit to catch the attention of the ladies ;)

    also i know its not that far away from where I am, but how's the climate come august?

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    thanks for the tips on entry and the warm welcome, the trip is going to last about 5 days, but 4 days 3 nights in montreal

  6. Default What to do in montreal

    In summer, Montreal is the city of festivals.

    There are a few festivals that could interest you during your stay in august.

    July 24-august 3: FrancoFolies de Montreal. This is a festival where french singing artists do a lot of free shows near place des arts (on ste-catherine street, near st-laurent street). There are many styles of music: hip-hop, pop, traditionnal, rock.... If you are in town during this festival, you should not miss it. It is, in a way, a big party around french-speaking culture. Free shows are mostly outside, but there are also shows inside, but you have to make reservations. Here is the website

    July 27-august 3: Divers Cité. This is our gay-pride festival. Even if you are not gay, it's worth the deplacement. Lots of fiesty vibe.

    august 21-september 3: Montreal's film festival. Happens normally on st-laurent street, downtown montreal, near sherbrooke street.

    For dressing code and bars: There are plenty of bars in montreal (which is known to be a good place to go out!), and many styles. If you go on st-laurent street downtown or on crescent street, you must have to be dressed properly. But there are also a lot of terrasses, which are very popular at anytime of the day during summer. Most relaxed ones are on st-denis street: le st-sulpice, les trois brasseurs. You can also go to the Café des Éclusiers, in old port of Montreal. Really popular, beautiful people. Last but not the least: terrasse of 737 restaurant. On the top of the highest building of Montreal. Beautiful view, and it's a club at night.

    If you want to go clubbing, I suggest clubs on st-laurent street: Rouge club is very popular. You can also go to Radio Lounge club (a little less dressy), Tokyo club.

    To drink beer, there are a lots of microbrewries: I suggest Brutopia, on crescent street; Reservoir, on Duluth street, or Dieu du Ciel, on Laurier street, corner St-Laurent.

    If you want a very popular francophone bar, you must go to Café Campus. Une institution!

    If you have time, here is the reader's poll of a local newspaper that describe the best of Montreal. Very intersting and accurate.

    For eating, I suggest you to go once (mostly after clubbing!) at La Banquise. This restaurant is open 24h a day, and is mosty popular at 3 AM, when people finish clubbing. It is a poutine restaurant. You must try this! Really greasy, but really good.

    Hope this will help you! If you need other advices, just ask!

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    thanks a ton Catherine.

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    Default More tips!

    Here are some more tips on what to do in Montreal. BTW, you don't need to learn French at all to get around in Montreal. In fact, in the downtown area, I believe most folks speak English.

    As for clubs, as Catherine pointed St-Laurent and Crescent are mostly trendy with a few notable exceptions like the numerous Irish and English Pubs. If you're more into the alternative/punk music scene, you can hear live venues at Foufounes Électriques on Ste. Catherine. One last thing, if you want to look like locals, don't start to investigate clubs before midnight-1 am. Before that, nothing's happening. Stick to restaurants and lounges.

    Check out the afterhours clubs (running roughly from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m) like Stereo (Ontario St.) or Circus (on Ste. Catherine in the Gay village). As for 24/7 restaurants, I can point out the Staff du village which has basically everything from poutines to chocolate truffle cake. Also the Club Sandwich (on Ste-Catherine near the TVA Building).

    For casual spots, head to Plateau Mt-Royal (Mt-Royal Ave, Rachel) and Latin Quarter (St-Denis).

    Have fun!

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