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    Default considering chi to DC, ADVICE??

    We're a family of 4 thinking of a road trip from Chicago to DC for the 4th of July. My thought was to leave before 8am on the 2nd and stop for the night a 3 or 4 hours short of DC. We would prefer to get as much driving as possible in the first day.

    Any suggestions for a good town/area to stay in considering we love:
    history, natural beauty, small town charm and have a 4yr girl & 15 boy??

    We would not stay in a B & B, unless it was a good fit. A typical mid-scale hotel chain will do fine....I'm hoping there may be something of interest to check out for a few hours before we drive on to DC.

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    Default Try Somerset

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Somerset, PA seems to offer everything you are looking for. It's certainly not on most people's "must see" list, but it does have a charming and historic downtown, a host of motels, and the nearby Laurel Hill State Park. At about 525 miles from Chicago and just under 200 to Washington it seems to fit with your timing, and Pittsburgh will be behind you.


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    Wow!! Lightening fast! Thank you AZBuck!! I'm liking what I see so far...but if anyone else out there has some thoughts, I love exploring ALL my options. :)

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    I checked out Somerset, Pa and found Seven Springs Resort just 12 mi. off the beaten path. It has summer activities like an alpine slide, downhill mountain bike, mini-golf...perfect to get some fresh air, exercise and family fun before another 4 hours of driving.

    So now I'm wondering if we can see some of the Shenandoah River on our way to DC. Can anyone (AZBuck?) tell me if we'll have to go off the main hwy? We always prefer a scenic route, but only if it's a reasonable (30-40min) time longer in the car.
    Thanks! Lisa
    Update: We will probably make our way back to Chicago via, Richmond (Va) then, Lexington & Louisville (Ky), Indy and home. Maybe we'll be able to see the Shenandoah on that end???
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    Default Alternate River

    The Shenandoah River is considerable off your line of march, being a north/south flowing river in western Virginia. I-81 would take you down the broad Shenandoah Valley, but at the cost of being able to get from Somerset to Washington in 4 hours. If you just want the experience of seeing an historic and scenic river valley then there are various short side trips you can take off I-70/I-270 to the Potomac including Fort Frederick, Harpers Ferry, the C&O Canal, Point of Rocks and Great Falls.


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