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    My little family is moving from Houston, TX to Seattle, WA mid August and would like advice on the best route we should take. We will be driving a SUV pulling a uhaul and there will be 3 adults and an 1 year old baby on board. Time is not a factor and we would like to make this road trip into a vacation along the way. However, since we will be pulling a uhaul we would like to try to stay away from dangerous roads. Is it better for us to drive west then north or north then west? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think we've now had 3 people today asking about traveling between Seattle and Texas, so I guess at the very least you'll have some company on the road.

    I can understand that moving is a stressful time, and pulling a trailer can be intimidating, but I still don't know that I've ever encountered a dangerous road. So I never really know how to respond to a question looking to avoid them, but I guess I would recommend sticking to the Interstates where possible if you are concerned. You'll always have mild grades and curves as well as plenty of services and other travelers to help you along the I's.

    The most direct route would be up through Kansas, and then over in a Diagonal through Denver, Wyoming, and Salt Lake City. However, since this will also be a vacation, I'd simply tell you to drive in the direction that takes you towards what you want to see. If that means going to California, go to California.

    One final bit of advise, while you might not have a strict timeline, Uhaul will expect their trailer back at a specific time. If you plan to be gone longer than they allow, make sure to tell them, and ask if you could have more time. Often if you are nice, they can be flexible for the time they can allow you to have.

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    Thank you Michael for your kind reply! I will check with uhaul and their rental time limit. I believe when I checked last they advised it was for 7 days rental. I have visited california but have never been up north of Texas. I will research the crossing states and look up their main attractions to plan our vacation accordingly. Again, thank you!

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