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    Hi everybody! I'm glad to find this website!

    In August, we're taking a road trip from Maryland to Florida, spending two weeks visiting family and DisneyWorld. We're traveling with a 5-year-old boy and a 2-month-old girl. It's occurred to us that we have considerable flexibility on when we have to be home, so we've decided to take our time on the drive north.

    So, we're looking for recommendations on stopovers between Florida and DC, preferably within a reasonable distance of I-95. Nothing too expensive, and we're looking for attractions that will be appropriate for a 5-year-old and a baby. Beaches are welcome - we're pretty low-key and will need to unwind after two weeks with relatives. So we're looking for nice scenery, maybe some good shopping, a dip in the pool or the ocean, and anything else that might turn up.

    Thanks in advance for recommendations!


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    Default Say hi to The Mouse for me!

    And welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    This discussion should have some useful tips as it was written for a family with young children as well, traveling the same way.

    While some of the tips in this discussion are farther east than you're going, there are still some good suggestions for the east coast in there.

    Hopefully, these will get you started. I'm unfamiliar with these areas myself or I'd give you more personal suggestions. But I'm sure others will pop in here for more suggestions. You might also use the search tool in the green bar above to find more discussions that would work for your trip.

    If you need any help traveling with children, check out these tips.

    The more questions you ask, the more responses you'll probably get.

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