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    I'm eloping in August! We have a week off to take a trip together after our city hall wedding and have come up with two posiblities: light driving around the San Fran area (napa,Carmel), or, Disney World. This will be in mid-August.

    We: don't want to drive for long periods of time, don't like camping or hiking (short walks viewing redwoods okay), like it to be low on stress (easy going), like eating at nice restaurants, I like wine, don't like humid/hot weather, like some amusement park rides.

    He gets very stressed out when trying new things, and is not really into travel.
    Help! Any advice is much appreciated!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You're talking about two pretty different trip ideas, yet both really would have many of the things you're talking about. Certainly San Francisco has great food and drinks, and you could limit your driving to as little as you are comfortable with. I believe there is a six-flags affiliated park in the bay area, but your amusement park options would be much more limited.

    Disney would have pretty much everything you are looking for too. Certainly, they have some excellent restaurants, and since it really can be a resort experiences, you wouldn't have to worry about much anything. The biggest downside is that Florida and Mid-August pretty much goes hand in hand with hot and humid. If avoiding hot/humid weather is a priority, then Florida would not be a good fit for this trip.

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    Mid-August is generally a good time of year to go to Disney as the crowds are low. Yes it is hot but dealable as the attractions/shops/shopping/eating cool you off enough.

    You have 3 basic levels of hotels so the cost could be up to you -
    Values - A very basic hotel with outside corridors, pools with no slides, and a food court
    Moderates - A set up from the values - corridors are still outside but pools have a slide, the theming is more subtle and relaxing, casual sit-down dining on site + food court (well the two Port Orleans Resturants share one)
    Deluxe - The Disney luxury. Each resort has indoor corridors, at least 2 sit down resturants, typically 2 pools but not all do.

    As far as Dining, Disney has a lot of nice dining options for you, especially if you enjoy wine.

    Victoria & Albert's - The only 5 star dining in the area. Meals are $130 per person, plus the option of a $65 wine pairing for each course. The meal consists of 7 courses.

    California Grill - A wonderful signature dining with an extensive wine list. The manager is often around to talk to about wine as its his passion.

    The other 'signature' restuarants include:
    Jiko's (home of the largest South African wine collection in the US)
    Flying Fish
    Yachtsman Steakhouse
    Artist Pointe

    If you get talking with your servers at any of those restuarants, you can generally get great recommendations for wine.

    The servers for the signature restuarants are hand-picked from other restuarants on property. Being asked to work at V&A is the ultimate honor for a Disney server. So generally the servers at these places are always on top.

    Another option is delaying your honeymoon about 6 weeks and you'll be able to attend the Food & Wine Festival that takes places every year in EPCOT. There generally are 26 booths from around the world that have samples of wine & food you can purchase for $1 to $6. There are also a ton of special events that occur, but that hasn't been released yet this year. Last year I attended 5 of those special events (2 Food & Wine Pairings, A South African Wine Event, and 2 Party of the Senses) and found all of them to be worth it.

    If you need any more info on WDW, please PM me as this is getting long. I grew up in the area and since moving to MA, I still travel there a couple times a year, including getting married there.

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    Default Did you mean Disney Land?

    Hello soon-to-be-married,

    Did you by chance mean Disneyland, as in Southern California, as opposed to Walt Disney World, near Orlando, FL? As I read your original post, I read it to say you're to be married in the Bay area and contemplate a nearby trip or a longer trip to Sou Cal as your two options.

    Yearbook 50's Florida in summertime experiences are quite likely more frequent and more recent than mine. That said, "not liking" hot, humid weather and Walt Disney World in August in no way go together. While it's possible to have a few decent days, it's more than likely going to be awfully oppressive.

    You can have a world of fun with short drives, short walking tours, and more good food and wine than you'd ever be able to take full advantage of, all within around 100 miles of the San Francisco.


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    Thanks so much for the advice!
    It seems like Walt Disney World is the more easy going of the two. I have heard that even if the weather is bad, there is always something to do inside with ac. Has anyone had experience with this?
    Also, I'm concerned about Disney being to 'kiddie' for two adults. I'm a teacher so being around kids if fine but having screaming kids at a romantic dinner is not fine!
    Thanks again!!

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    Default I guess

    There certainly will be some upscale restaurants where you probably wouldn't have to deal with kids. I know plenty of adults who still love to go there without kids - but if you are looking to get away from kids, I don't know that it would be my choice.

    And yes, I suppose there would always be something you could do indoors at Disneyworld, but I think much of it would require staying at the resorts. The theme parks have some indoor activities, but they still require walking around and spending a fair amount of time outside. I don't know what you are hoping to get out of Disney, but I don't think I'd be very content if I went there and needed to spend lots of time indoors.

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    There is ton to do for adults in Disney that isn't childish at all. You have spas, backstage tours, shopping, fine dining, etc.

    Victoria & Albert's doesn't allow children under 10 years old inside anymore.

    All other restaurants do allow children. Generally there will not be many at Bistro De France either as they do not have a children's menu either.

    After Mid-August there are a little less children as school is starting up but there will still be some there.

    There is always something to do indoors with Disney.

    If you give me an idea of a budget, I can gladly help you plan it out.

    Check out these websites for more information with Disney

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    Disney World is in Florida, and it is a HUGE multi-park creature. It has four main parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios. In addition, it has three water parks (though I think one may've closed down), a great number of hotels in various levels (value, moderate, deluxe), a whole island of shopping/adult nightclubs, and themed, one-of-a-kind restaurants (ALL the nice restaurants mentioned by other posters are in Disney World, not Disney Land). At Disney World you can watch fireworks from a motor boat, drive small watercraft, and take a breakfast safari ride or see a luau. Plenty of the things at Disney World are air conditioned, and though it does rain essentially every single day, it doesn't last long -- typically it's a 30 minute thunderstorm in the late afternoon. Two adults would find plenty to do for a week.

    Disney Land is in California, and it is basically just the Magic Kingdom. It cannot expand because it's "landlocked" by other businesses. You'll find a few things that're air conditioned, but much of your days would be outside. Two adults would enjoy Disney Land for about two days; however, it's not far from some other really cool things like Alcatraz and Muir Woods.

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