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    Hey y'all,

    I thought I'd check online and see if there was some sort of forum for fellow trippies like myself. Clearly, there is, so allow me to introduce myself. Name's Hunter, forum newbie but road trip junkie at age 23.

    Growing up in New Hampshire and western New York, my regular trips through my own stomping grounds include the New England area, and trips down to my grandma's near Gettysburg and my uncle's near Chicago. All more "destination" trips than road trips; the bulk of my camping- and hiking-focused, in-country road trips are:

    - From western New York out to Chicago, then to South Dakota and a jaunt along the Missouri followed by the Badlands area, down to Nebraska, and back home again [2003]
    - Driving my sister out to an internship near Boise via Iowa, Nebraska, a lot of Wyoming, and friends in Salt Lake City (in the middle of winter -- some of the most terrifying driving of my life) [2006]
    - Flying back out to Idaho to pick up my sister at the end of that semester, then heading west through Oregon, the Pacific coast and redwoods in California, Lake Tahoe in Nevada, the Mojave Desert, Grand Canyon south rim, up through Zion and Utah, Jackson Hole and the Tetons and Yellowstone, then east to Devil's Tower and my old favorite, South Dakota, hitting Chicago again and going home [2006]
    - Two hurricane relief destination trips to Louisiana and Mississippi [2006 - a busy year]
    - Another terrifying winter destination trip to a wedding in Oklahoma, chased by an ice storm all the way east to North Carolina then north via the Blue Ridge Parkway [2007]
    - An extended trip to Maine, New Hampshire, the Adirondacks and a li'l bit of Canada [2007]
    - Driving out to L.A. for a screenwriting class via Chicago, North Dakota, the bulk of Montana, the Beartooth Highway and northern Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, Washington, Crater Lake, and Monterey [2007]
    - Driving back from L.A. via San Francisco AND San Diego, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon north rim, Arizona red rock country, Monument Valley, southern Colorado, a lot of New Mexico, even more of Texas (including Guadaloupe and the Hill Country), Oklahoma, the Ozarks, and Chicago [2007]
    - A nice winter patriotic Pennsylvania-Virginia exploration trip highlighting Gettysburg, D.C., plantation hopping, and Shenandoah National Park [2008]
    - Upcoming in August: Flying to Salt Lake, renting a car, and heading on a more concentrated trip north through Tetons, Yellowstone, the Beartooth wilderness, Glacier, and the Sawtooths in Idaho, back to Salt Lake [2008]

    Of course, one of these days I'd love to do the Ultimate Road Trip with some friends (and I dream daily of a motorcycle trip with my cuz to Alaska), but who knows when or if those will actually ever happen. For now, I'm working my life away and just doing these shorter trips when I get the chance. Gas prices be danged, this is one of my favorite hobbies and I'll keep on driving until they rip the steering wheel from my arthritic hands.

    -- Hunter

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yep, 2-3 trips is what a few people around here consider the Minimum Annual Requirement, so you'll find many like yourself hanging out here offering advice and suggestions to those to whom the whole idea of a RoadTrip is either totally new or intimidating, or both. We hope you feel free to offer them the benefit of your experience.


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