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    Hello All, I've seen loads of similar postings/responses but, can't associate many to specifically what we're looking for. We've never been to the US before and want to make the most out of our short time there which is where you come in..

    we have 12 days to 'spend' in early September this year. We want to fly to Las Vegas and spend around 2 or 3 nights there so that we can tick that one off lifes must do's! After that we have absolutly no idea at all what to do or where to go. We had thought about going to San Diego or Palm Springs from LV and then heading up the coast for a few days allowing enough time to get back to LV for the dreaded flight home! there must be a circle we could drive - LV to SD or Palm Springs up the coast and then heading back in land seeing the sights, on the way back to LV.

    Can anyone suggest an iteniery for us? you would be saving us so much pain its unbelievable (i'm sure booking a holiday shouldn't be this stressful!!!!)

    thanks in advance everyone.
    Tired Nick!!

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    Default lots of information

    Welcome to the RTA Forum! The basic outline of your plan really is the single most dicussed route on this forum. We've got several thousand posts detailing trips from Las Vegas, and exploring Palm Springs, The Coast, and the rest of California. The links here are some of our favorites on the subject. This thread gets into more detail about Vegas to San Diego, and this Field Report goes through many of the areas you are talking about.

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    We are going to LV 2 September and also staying a few days before we head out. But we are going the other way, down Grand Canyon and over to Colorado. We are trying to do a loop too.


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