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  1. Default Boston to West Coast and Back

    Hi All,

    New to this thread!

    I want to do a Boston-West Coast and back road trip for roughly
    a month.

    I want to head to the west coast (San Fran) via north (Chicago, SD, Colorado and San Fran) and come back via south (LA - Grand Canyon - Dallas- New Orleans - Atlanta - NYC-Boston).

    Need some info on

    a) What can be the best route?
    b) I want to blow my savings so intend to stay in motels/hotels. Any suggestions on cheap motel chains which offer discounts? Also need internet access.
    c) Total Expenses, rough estimate.
    d) Going solo so safety issues.

    Thanks for now!

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    Default out there

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Roadtrips are very individual things, so there is almost never a one size fits all answer, especially when you are in the beginning states of planning a trip. Alot of the questions you are asking right now are simply too broad to answer with any degree of accuracy.

    For example, the "best route" is a question we often get, but there is never an answer that's right for everyone. The best route will be the one that takes you where you want to go, to see the things you want to see, in the time you want to see them. That could be interstates, a straight shot between points, or lots of little backroads to zigzag around, etc.

    The same is true with a budget. You might be able to do a trip like this for $2000, it might cost you $20000 to do the trip like you want to do it. What we can help you build this, and this thread is one that is quite helpful in getting the basics, but you'll need to start plug in the numbers so to speak, based on the kind of trip you are planning to do for yourself.

    As far as motel chains, I suspect several of them have rewards points or other deals to save money or "earn" free nights, but you'll have to research them to find out what chains will offer the best deals that meet your needs for internet access, etc. Also keep in mind that loyalty programs sometimes aren't as much of a cost savings as you might like. To get the full advantage of those programs, you need to use them as often as possible, but many times you might be able to find a better deal at a different hotel chain on a given night, or that chain might not be available in the exact location you want to stay, so you either have to stay with a different company, or travel to a different location that where that chain is available. If saving money is very important, you might also want to think about how important web access from your hotel will be during your trip. You can find wi-fi in a lot of places, and often for free. If you're willing to use access outside of your motel, you might be able to find a cheaper place to sleep without that amenity.

    Solo traveling is a common question on this forum. This article details some things to keep in mind when you are on the road by yourself.

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