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  1. Default NYC to SF, with rental car, possible?

    Hello there,

    I'm not from USA, i just been invited to NY the last week of September 08' for some conference and as I’ve never been over there i plan to use the free ticket as an excuse to extend my trip 10 more days and drive around.

    - I’m used to drive a lot; I live in Europe and move around a lot by car. Distance is not an issue!
    - My goal would be to drive east to west. i would love having a quick overview of the variety of scenery the country has to offer for then making a second trip with more time on the specific locations!
    - i have only 10 days...
    - i don’t own a car in USA and for 10 days, rental car looks like the best option. I will only drive one way.

    - Rental car is the main issue; can i rent in ny and drop in west coast? i have the felling they will rip me off. i rather drive back in two days than pay abusing fines by the rental company! is there any option? Someone told me there are companies that look for people to drive around to move cars, couldn’t find them on internet...
    - i plan to drive 6hs-8hs , early and late. According to the info i found here should be possible. I’ll avoid highways as much as possible.
    - i plan to sleep using couch surfing or cheap accommodations. i even considered camping’s.
    - I’ll avoid getting into big cities and focus more on sightseeing and scenery

    Well, hope someone has some sort of advice for this poor foreigner looking forward getting to know what usa has to offer!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, renting a car one way is possible, but yes, you'll almost certainly pay a drop off fee at the end. How much that fee is exactly, will depend upon the individual quote, but I'd expect somewhere around $500 to be fairly typical. I will say that when you factor in the cost to drive back, the fee probably won't be out of line, and without doing a one way rental, it will be pretty much impossible to do the kind of trip you say you want to take.

    Otherwise, I think you should be in good shape. Having 10 days and driving 6-8 hours a day on backroads will fill up your time nicely, while still giving you at least some time to quickly explore places along the way.

    Camping is a great way to save money, and if you want to spend your time focusing on the natural wonders of the US, I'd recommend it. This thread goes through some of the basics. There are also some hostels in the US, although those would mostly be in urban areas. I've never done couchsurfing myself, but some people say its great. I personally would just find it too imposing to be comfortable.

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    many thanks for the warm welcome msg and the good advices!
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