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    Hey there,

    Planning a 15,000km trip in August and was just wondering if anyone knows of any Gas stations in the states that has a decent loyalty scheme or anything along that line to help save a dollar or 2?

    Any help appreciated!

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    Default most do

    Most large chain stations have some sort of loyalty program or deal. Some of those are in the form where you swipe your card every time you shop and you get points, that can be good for free stuff (soda, candy, food, sometimes gas).

    The most common "deals" however are usually tied to credit cars, where you'll get some discount everytime you use the card at that chain.

    As with any of these "schemes" you have to make sure its really worth while. For example, if station A has a program where you save 10 cents a gallon with a reward or credit card you might stop there out of habit, but its not a great deal if station B's prices are 15 cents less than station A.

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    ok, no worries mate, i know its pretty hard to get something for nothing off the gas companies!

    thanks very much for your help!

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