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  1. Default Trip from NYC-East Texas with a 10-year old boy

    Hi, I've just joined the list -- great information here. We are planning a trip (approximately 20-22 days total) from NYC to Northeast TX to visit my family. We will be with them for about a week and have a week or so on both ends of the trip to drive scenic routes, do some camping and hiking, see some historic sites, etc.

    We'd love to do parts of the Blue Ridge & Skyline Pkwy, Natchez Trace, but on our way there, we will likely have only about 5 days on the road. We can take more time on the way back. Any thoughts about really great campgrounds, short hikes along the way? Things not to miss? We prefer more out-of-the-way kinds of things -- fewer people, quiet spots, etc. Our son will get tired of being in the car, so we are trying to scout out fun things to do along the way.

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Default More Time Than You Think for Sites Big and Small

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    New York City to Amarillo is 'only' 1,700 miles buy the most direct route (I-78/I-76/I-70 to St, Louis and I-44/I-40 the rest of the way) and that can be easily covered in 5 days with plenty of time for stops along the way. In fact, you might want to look at some slightly off-the-direct-route stops in Gettysburg, the historic National Road in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky (be sure to take the side trip to/on the Green River Ferry, the less well known Museum of Westward Expansion which is underground beneath the more famous Arch, and the Oklahoma City Memorial.

    On the way back, with more time, you can head down the Red River Valley, through Dallas and across northern Louisiana (one out-of-the-way stop: Gibsland, LA) to Vicksburg, MS then basically follow the Natchez Trace to Shiloh, through southern Tennessee on US-64 to Chattanooga and beyond to Great Smoky Mountain National Park before following the Blue Ridge Parkway. Other places on this route you should be considering include Shenandoah National Park, Washington and Philadelphia.


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    Thanks for the info. We will definitely be going to the Great Smokies (did this when I was a kid), driving part of the Natchez Trace, and stopping in D.C. to visit friends on the return trip.

    We hope to do some tent camping along the way -- any suggestions for quiet, restful campgrounds?


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    Default Quiet Camping

    To be honest, most of my camping for many years has been real bushwhacking on geologic field trips. But I've never been much of a fan of commercial campgrounds, and the big National Parks can get packed to the gills in the summer. So what does that leave? By far your best option: State Parks. Each state has its own web site where they list their parks and what camping facilities each has, and that's where I'd start looking. I can almost guarantee that if you know ahead of time roughly where you'll be stopping for the night, you'll be able to find a state run campground within 50 miles. These are often in beautiful settings and are less utilized than they deserve. So have a look at those sites and see if you don't find something that more than meets your needs.


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