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  1. Default how long of a drive... from Cleveland 2 LA in 6 to 10 days

    Hi everyone,

    i planing a trip from Cleveland 2 LA in the summer of 2009. is it Possible to drive to LA in 6 to 10 days. if so, would I-80 be the a good Route.

    what you suggest i vsiet along the way, if i take I-80.

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    Default Certainly

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    6-10 days is plenty of time to make this trip one way, with some time to spare. Doing 8-10 hour days on the road, you could make it in 4-5, so you'll have some time to do a little exploring too.

    Along I-80, you could check out any of these natural wonders along the way.

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    Default Trip to LA

    You can go out I-80 then come back the old Mother Road route 66. sounds like a great trip.

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    another part of a Question is how much money do you think i should save for this trip.

    the major part of my budget is going to be spent on gas (i have 94 V6 mustang ). the other part will be spent on hotel, food, and misc.

    I'am thinking i will need $2000 to $2,500. it may be $3000 if i bring my brother along.

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    Default your trip your money

    We really can't answer that question for you. It is totally dependent upon how you go about doing this trip (where you sleep, what you eat, how you entertain yourself, etc). What we can do is help you build a budget based on your own preferences. This thread should give you the basics how to build your budget.

  6. Default how to save money on trip to LA.

    I'am driving from Cleveland,OH to LA in july 2009. And I have a very limited budget, plan on saving $1500 myself, and have my borther put in another $1500. for a total of $3000.

    so, in the end i need help saving money on everything.
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  7. Default Tent it

    Hey there,

    I'm huge on cheap road trips. It started when I was in college and couldn't afford anything better, now I just don't want anything better. It's kind of a game at this point.

    Anyway, $3000 should be more than enough. If you really want to keep costs down, I'd recommend buying or borrowing yourself a tent and just camping along the way. There's great cheap campgrounds, especially in the western states, and you can often find free ones (though whether or not these will have showers can be a sticking point). You could easily do $100 total camping for 10 days if you looked around, and split with your brother that's only $50 apiece.

    Likewise, you'll do well to save food costs if you just limit your eating out. Pack a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter and you're set for lunch; bagels or pop tarts are all you need for breakfast, and just make sure you fill up bottles with water wherever you can along the way and you're set for drinks. Then you just have dinner and you can do that relatively cheap, especially if you own a camping stove or know how to cook over a fire.

    There's housing and meals, now you just have gas costs. That's a bit harder to predict. Your guess is as good as mine as to what prices will be next summer. What do you get for mileage?

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