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  1. Default re-live american revolution...

    my 11 year old son & I will be in the Boston area for about 10 days the end of July-1st week in August, after we drop my daughter off at a conference there.

    I realized that he knows nothing about the birth of America (Boston tea party, etc) and thought this would be a great opportunity to have him learn about it first hand. We will have a car, so we will be able to drive along the east coast.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Default Boston's Already Done it All For You

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    All you have to do is get thee brochure and walk the Freedom Trail. The next nearest significant action during the Revolution (besides Concord and Lexington, now Boston suburbs) was in Newport RI. Depending on what you mean by the 'east coast', other worthwhile stops would be Monmouth, NJ, Trenton, Philadelphia, Chadds Ford, PA (Brandywine), Yorktown, and Guilford Courthouse, Cowpens, and Kings Mountain in the Carolinas.


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    Default An outstanding set of guides created for you....

    Quote Originally Posted by carol View Post
    We will have a car, so we will be able to drive along the east coast.
    In addition to the free brochure -- described above, I would get one of these guides -- they are well thought-out from the perspective of doing car trips.


  4. Default thanks for the ideas

    Thanks for the names of the guides (I had searched Revolutionary War Road Trips, but found this website, not the guides!) & for the other places to check out.
    I am not sure how far up/down the east coast we will go - We have 10 days, so we will hopefully get to many of the places you have mentioned.

    Thanks again!

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