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    We are a couple from Valencia (Spain) who will get Boston at the end of October.I´d like to know our plan is worthwhile or if we should change something. We like and we use to make roadtrips around Europe, but preparing this one to US we are a bit at a loss. Here´s our travelplan, please send your comments, advices...!!!!:

    1. Arrive to Boston at noon. Rent a car. Visit (rather, have a look...) the city and sleep there.

    2. Boston - Niagara: I think it takes the whole day so we´d appreciate some advices about where to stop, what to see, or even where to sleep if it is better to make the trip in 2 two days, or if its stupid to get there!!!!

    3- Niagara - Toronto - Niagara. Just to know if Torornto deserves a visit (and Niagara?)

    4.- Niagara- Washington DC (or Philadelphia). The same question than before, where to stop, sleep.... but also what about Philadelphia....

    5.-Washington DC-Asbury Park (Of course, I need to visit Bruce Springsteen´s county and The Stone Pony!!!!)

    6.-Arrival to NY, leave the car and stay there five days.

    This is our first idea, but we are completely open to any advice and specially about the trip Boston-Niagara-Washigton DC, if it is convenient, too longer....

    Thanks in advance,

    Regards from Spain!!!

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    Bienvenido al bordo RoadTrip América foros! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You can begin to get a general idea of what's available in the general area where you'll be travelling by reading through these discussions and this one discussing very similar treks. To answer your specific questions...

    If you want do anything more than just make a couple of quick stops between Boston and Niagara, then you're going to need the better part of a second day for the trip, but it's beautiful country and a one day drive can be rewarding if that's all you can afford. I think I'd skip Toronto on this trip. You just can't see and do everything. I'd also make time for at least a quick stop in Philadelphia, but make that visit on the way from Washington to Asbury Park. You're basically going to be driving a triangle whore each side requires a little less than a day to drive, so now you've got the pleasant job of deciding what to do with any time more than three days that you have.


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    Thanks a lot AZBuck!

    I think we´´ll follow your advice, we wont visit Toronto this time but sure Philadelphia in the way to Asbury Park. Besides, after your reply we feel more confident about the miles we have to cover in this triangle.

    Just one more question. We can get Washington from Niagara falls either via Erie-Pittsburg-Frederick-Washington DC or Niagara-Syracuse-Scranton-Harrisburg-Washington DC. This last roadtrip looks a bit longer, but not so much considering that we´ll stop to sleep a couple of hours before arrive to Washington. Then we would like to know which route do you recommned us according to the landscape, places to stop or whatever

    Thanks again and greetings from Spain!

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    Actually, the way I would recommend that you use to get from Niagara to Washington is neither of the two that you mention, but a far less traveled route that runs between them. You'll need at least fair map (one that shows more than the major Interstates/autopista) but then what you'd do is go to Batavia, NY on I-90 and then take NY-63 to Geneseo and I-390. Follow that down to Corning, NY (consider a side trip to Watkins Glen for a walk up the gorge in the state park there) an US-15 south through the Susquehanna River valley to Harrisburg. Stay with US-15 (or use I-81/PA-34 if you've got a good map and are feeling adventurous) to Gettysburg. Finally, US-15 connects with I-270 in Frederick, MD and that will bring you into Washington from the west. That's a route I have used in the past, and I think you'll enjoy it more than just cruising down the major interstate highways.


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