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  1. Default Vegas Hotels - Helllpppppppp !

    Hello one & all. I need your help once again. We're coming to Vegas from England in September & expect to stay 4 nights there. I've asked a couple of people I know over here who have been about whether to stay on 'the strip' or near it, and had conflicting views. One says to stay on the strip as that's probably where we'll spend a lot of time, (the only thing is he was on an 'All Boys Jolly' and I expect spent most of the time gambling & boozing!). We're going as married couples and the other person I spoke to says that it would be better for us, (and probably a lot less money), to stay in a decent hotel reasonably nearby and then monorail it up & down the strip. He says that this way will cost a lot less but we'll still get 'all the fun of the fair'. Looking at it seems that strip hotels are considerably more expensive so I just thought I'd canvas the views of the experts - that means you! Personally I love the look of the Four Queens and the Golden Nugget as they both look like something out of a film set, but I'm just one of 6 so it'll end up as a group decision.

    As always, you're help & guidance is appreciated.
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    Default Choices

    I think you've laid out the +/- of the situation.

    If you really want to be in the think of it, then staying on the strip makes a lot of sense, but you could stay just off the strip and save some money.

    Another advantage to staying a bit off the strip is that going back to your hotel can give you a bit of a break from the non-stop activity of the strip. And if you are planning to casino-hop, staying in one specific hotel might not be that advantagous.

    If being on the strip is important to you, you might look at staying on the south end, which usually is less money.

    And of course, you could stay downtown at the places you mentioned. Its my perfered place to stay in LV, but it is certainly a bit more time consuming to get to the strip.

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    Hi, that's funny you're coming to Vegas from England. We're moving to England from Vegas next month. Where abouts are you from?

    You mentioned Four Queens and Golden Nugget which are downtown and a bit of a drive to "the strip". Downtown does have some fun things to see and if that's where you plan to spend the majority of your time those are 2 good choices for hotels. My personal preference would be to stay on the strip and visit downtown one evening (go at night because they have a cool light show). Downtown to me is not as nice of an area as the strip and not nearly as much stuff to do.

    Do you mind if I ask what price range you are wanting? There are several places on the strip to stay for under $100, and although they won't be in the biggest newest hotels, they're still in a great location and you'll really be able to get the Vegas experience. What are your plans for while you're here?

    If you have anymore specific questions, please ask. I've lived here in Vegas for most of my life so I'm pretty familiar with all the hotels, etc.

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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but work is hectic at the moment (& probably will continue to be until I retire in 6 years !).

    By the time we get to Vegas we'll have spent over a week getting there, stopping off at San Fran, Yosemite, & Death Valley. We've booked Hotels in SF and Death Valley, and are renting a Cabin in Yosemite.

    There's 6 of us & I just know that some will want to stay in some large 'name' hotel on the strip. We have 4 nights there so perhaps we'll do a couple on the strip and a couple downtown. At the moment we're getting a good rate on the dollar so $120 to $180 for a room would be liveable,(got to keep some cash back for other 'touristy' things). One of my friends is desperate to 'do' the Grand Canyon & the Plane/Helicopter/Boat/Helicopter/Plane trip looks favourite at the moment. We'll probably drive across to Hoover Dam too, and the women want to go shop. Other than that we'll pretty much do whatever takes our fancy at the time. We'll be there from Sunday 21st September for 4 nights so if you know of anything local going on then I'd be glad to know.

    As to queenomandy's question about where I'm from, I was born in London & now live just outside (about 16 miles) in Sidcup, which is strangely a London Borough whilst being in the County of Kent. In fact all 6 of us are London born. Whereabouts in England are you going to?

    As to coming to here, are you sure you want to do that? I mean, Petrol, or Gas as you call it, is now around $10.25 a Gallon!

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    Default Paris or Planet Hollywood

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieB View Post
    There's 6 of us & I just know that some will want to stay in some large 'name' hotel on the strip. We have 4 nights there so perhaps we'll do a couple on the strip and a couple downtown.
    All hotel prices go up on Thursday nights (subject to the arrival of big-time conventions). For location, location, location, it is hard to beat Paris or Planet Hollywood. Monte Carlo has some good deals currently and on the south strip I would recommend South Point. For a very nice, but still good location off-strip, I would recommend Tuscany. For downtown, I would recommend either Las Vegas Club (discount) or the Golden Nugget. For more information about lodging -- you might find this page helpful.


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    Default Prefers the 4 Queens

    In my opinion the 4 Queens is a much better buy than the Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget is starting to be more like the hotels down on the strip than in the Fremont Area. One thing they have is a water slide that goes thru a shark tank! With that having been said, the prices have also climbed in comparison to the 4 Queens. Please be aware that the 4 Queens does not have as many amenities as does the GN but the rooms are clean and comfortable. For what the wife and I want--a good place to sleep, it is perfect. (the price is under 60.00 per night) We go to Vegas to see the sites and gamble.

    A couple things to not miss are:
    The Fremont Experience
    Fountains of the Bellagio (after dark)
    Stratosphere view from the top at sundown
    Circus Acts at Circus-Circus
    Shrimp Cocktail at Binion's (with a free players card, it is 99cents)
    For souveniors, the Bonanza and the vendors under the Fremont Experience
    The list could go on and on.

    Hope you enjoy your stay
    the list could go on and on

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    This site is a good resource I use for vegas hotels. Always have good price luck with the luxor. Which isn't bad because its at the end of the strip and has a tram that connects the Excalibur and Mandalay bay.
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  8. Default Sahara might be a good choice

    Check out Sahara. It is on the North end of the Strip, but connected with a monorail. You can get prices under $100 even on weekends. It is a basic hotel and clean with no fancy expectations but a good value.

  9. Default Las Vegas Hotels

    By co-incidence just so happens that we (wife and I) will be in Vegas in September 13th-16th. Haven't been for several years but we are staying at the Treasure Island as we did last time. Perhaps more expensive but pretty central and you can wander the Strip without the need for a car which is a big plus. We did stay for a few times in the BW Mardi Gras which is just off the Strip but last time we went there felt it was getting a little bit tired.

    Hope this is helpful

    By the way I am from London (Lambeth) and my wife is from Dartford.

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    We use to book hotels in Vegas. You can find some pretty good deals and its cheaper for us to get a hotel on the strip than get a taxi home if we are out drinking.

    Also, Buffalo Bills usually has cheaper rooms and it is right in the middle of the strip.

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