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    Default New York to Phoenix

    So I have found a driveaway that will let me take their car from New York to Phoenix, and basically I have as much time as I want. They are giving me the car on the 27th of June and want it in phoenix by the 15th july but can be later. I have a maximum milage of 3500 or so, and that is the only limitation on my route, not sure whether to do west coast and across the south or Chicago and down via Vegas etc.

    Now I am looking for someone to do it with..

    A bit about me, I am an easy going 26 year old architect from London England, I want to see america for a couple of months on the road and am planning a mixture of camping and couch surfing to get around. I like all music except dirty techno, and cold play. The car is awesome it is a 2004 ford 4x4 with big sound system and 8 seats I will be carrying only a couple of boxes for the owner so there is loads of space.

    Basically I am looking for a fellow traveler or someone who has always wanted to do this who is not going to complain if things don't go exactly to plan.

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    Default good deal

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Congrats on finding a driveaway company that will allow you that much time, that is very much on the unusual side. I suspect you may have lucked out because its hard to find someone to who wants to drive a big truck across country these days.

    One word of caution about your mileage. If you have a 3500 mile limit, going to the West Coast could easily push you over your limit. You're looking at 2500 miles direct, but just driving in towns looking for places to sleep, eat, etc, will probably add a couple hundred miles to that total. Its just something to keep in mind.

    good luck finding a fellow traveler.

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    Hi mate. Are you still looking for a travel buddy? I'm 32 multimedia designer from Poland, currently on RTW trip to Latin America through US highlights. I'm staying in NYC for couple of days and looking for somebody for a road trip towards West. I've got driving license, lived in London for few years, and get along with almost everyone very well. I'm going on 28-29 to Niagara Falls and after that from 30th of June I'm ready to go West to Phoenix, from there it's pretty close to find another car to do the parks and Cities. Let me know if you are interested to meet for a pint and discuss details.


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