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    Would like some input on plans for our trip

    We will fly into Las Vegas and out of Phoenix. The plan at this time is to stay one night in Vegas and see Hoover Dam.Will then head to Zion,Bryce,north rim of Grand Canyon,Lake Powell(if boats are running for trip to Rainbow Bridge)south rim,Sedona and then Phoenix. Have not made reservations for any accomadations yet.Do we need to make a reservation for the Saturday in Vegas or are rooms usually available? And is it necessary to rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle? Hubby is an experienced winter driver but not sure if there is snow this early.

    Looking forward to your suggestions and assistance.

    Thanks in advance, Diane

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    Default reservations

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you know you are going to be in Vegas on your first night, I'd go ahead and make a reservation. I don't know that finding a room would be hard, but there are soooo many choices in Vegas that being able to shop around before you leave - and not have to worry about it when you arrive - would be well worth it. You'll probably also be able to get a better deal prebooking.

    I wouldn't worry about 4 wheel drive. Seeing snow wouldn't be impossible that time of year, but its unlikely to be a problem. Generally speaking, 4wd is a very expensive addition to a rental car, and its rare when you could use it without violating the terms of your rental contract.

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    i agree with michael.
    we were in this area late last october and the weather was fantastic,just be prepared for chilly nights at higher elevations such as bryce.
    as said,pre booking your hotel in vegas will save you any hassle on arrival. although we were in an r.v. we thought it would be nice to have one night in a hotel whilst in vegas and did'nt think getting a room would be a problem but there were a lot of big shows on and everyone on the strip was fully booked,unless you wanted a penthouse suite which would have required a second mortgage!
    have a great trip!

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    Your input is greatly appreciated. Wondering if our plans seem feasible or if anyone thinks there are better alternatives to the route.

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    hi diane.
    your plans seem fine to me other than arriving in vegas and just having one night and trying to see the hoover dam in that time before heading to zion. i have to admit i was'nt over impressed with the dam,although it was very busy and a lot of construction work was[probably still is]going on.
    springdale is a great little town to stop over for zion and free shuttle buses run from the town into the park,and at bryce there is rubys inn which offers accomodations and food near the entrance of the canyon. zion offers more in the way of walks and bryce more in the way of viewpoints [both amazing places] so i would spend a little more time at zion. allow yourself a little more journey time between the two as you will drive through checkaboard mesa and red rock canyon and both are worth short stops.
    cameron trading post is a nice place to stop for food/shopping or even the night on your way to the south rim,the store is huge and has all sorts on display and is only a short drive from the desert view drive entrance on the east side of the canyon.
    be sure to witness a sunrise/set at the grand canyon,the splendour is hard to describe.
    have a great trip!!!!!!

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