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    My best friend is in the Army and stationed in Anchorage, Alaska but grew up right outside Orlando, FL, like myself. He needs to have his truck back in Orlando so I am flying to Alaska and we are trucking allllll the way back to Orlando, FL!!!!!!!! I am extremely excited. We are looking for suggestions on places to see. We're going to California and Vegas obviously, but need to stop in Iowa to see his brother and Arkansas to see my brother. Any suggestions on the route or awesome places to see??

    We will be leaving the middle to end of September so the weather shouldn't be too much of an issue.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you're going to be doing a pretty big zig-zag. California and Las Vegas actually are both quite a long way off a direct path from Alaska to Florida, especially if you've got plans to stop in Iowa along the way.

    What sort of timeline do you have for this trip and what kinds of places are you looking for? You have virtually all of North America between point A and point B, so narrowing down your potential options would really be the challenging part.

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    That's the thing... since we are going to Cali & Vegas, but also Iowa & Arkansas, we can pretty much go anywhere lol... Too many choices!! That's why we are trying to figure out the best places to go in between. We are going in September and don't really have a time limit on when we need to be back in Orlando. My friend even talked about going to Mexico lol why not just stop by every state, we will be going through most of them anyways with all the side-trips we want to take.

    Any suggestions on places would be great. We have the entire country at our feet lol

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    Well, Since we don't know what it is you are interested in, and we can't really narrow things down for you, what's left is to give you even more ideas to help pick from. Here's a list of things to do in Every US State, Canada, and even parts of Mexico and beyond.

  5. Default Which Road?

    We did something similar in September last year but we started from Skagway to Florida. It was more of a road trip really and it was the time of our lives!

    There are two roads that are commonly used to go down south. One is the Cassiar and the other is the Alcan. We used the Alcan to go down and the Cassiar to go back up. THe Alcan is longer but a more beautiful drive.

    Things not to miss based on experience:
    1. The Signpost Forest in Watson City
    2. Grand Canyon, Arizona
    3. Hoover Dam
    4. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge
    5. Chinese Garden in Portland (if you like gardens)

    I'll add more once I remember since there are so many nice places to see between Alaska and Florida :)

    Don't forget to gas up every chance you get in the Alcan since gas stations are few and far in between. Also the speed limit once you hit Canada is in KM. That was something to get used to for me.

    And with the new need a passport to pass through Canada from Alaska.

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