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    Default East Coast - Boston To Orlando

    I'm just wondering is my plan sounds crazy or if there is better routes to do on my way down to St Augustine, and then Orlando. We will be in a Scion xB so we'll have enough room for my husband & I and our dog.

    Day 1: Friday
    5:00PM: Leave Central MA via I-90 to I-84 to I-95
    10:30PM: Arrive in Philadelphia

    Day 2: Saturday
    6:30AM: Leave Philadelphia
    Follow I-95 Down The Coast
    9:30PM: Arrive in St. Augustine

    We are also thinking of staying at the Residence Inn in Philadelphia as its right off the highway? Is there a better option that is also pet-friendly?

    Where would be good place to stop for Day 2?
    We are traveling with our Cocker Spaniel who will have just turned 1 year old during this trip.

    Here in MA, rest stops at least on 90 have food/dog walk area/etc. It seems that the rest stops past Washington, DC don't have food at them?

    Are there going to be places for us to get food aftre Washington, DC that won't mind that we walk our dog in their grass (we obviously will pick up after him)

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    Default I Wouldn't Do That

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To be honest, that's not a schedule I'd like to be stuck with. Trying to drive over 300 miles after a full day's work (admittedly an assumption, given your departure time) is bad enough, but through New York City on a (holiday?) weekend evening AND trying to drive nearly 900 miles(!!!) the next day AND take time out for the dog? I just don't think that your current plan has much chance of working, let alone being an enjoyable drive. So, How would I go about it. I would probably skip Philadelphia altogether and just find some place near the Turnpike in southern New Jersey for my first night's stay, and then continue on to around the North/South Carolina state line on Saturday, leaving a full day's (but manageable) drive on Sunday.

    Normally, only the rest areas on toll roads such as the Massachusetts and New Jersey Turnpikes have full service areas with food and fuel, but most rest areas along the major interstates will have pet 'exercise' areas. Better yet though, for both you and the dog, is to get off the highway altogether for a bit and enjoy state parks and other areas near the exits.


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    I would be the one working that day not my husband so he's most likely going to be doing that driving & I work a modified work schedule (5:30am to 2:00pm) but we figured leaving at 5pm would be a better start than leaving at 2:30pm when I get home which would put us in New York at crazy traffic hour.

    It isn't a holiday weekend well unless you count Groundhog's Day as a holiday weekend. Our return trip is over a holiday weekend though over President's Day.

    (Our whole trip is 1/30 to 2/14)

    I'll look into NJ hotels instead of Philadelphia as I just found how cool the AAA Trip Planner is now with being able to zoom in.

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    Default the bigger issue

    If you're not working a full day and you can avoid the NY Rush on a Friday Night, then Philly might be within range.

    I think the bigger concern raised by Buck, is that your second day would be brutal and bordering on impossible. It is a 900 mile drive down probably the single busiest highway in North America. If you leave at 6:30am, I think it would be much more likely that you'd be reaching St. Augustine around midnight when you factor in traffic, stops for gas, and time to walk the dog, etc.

    I think anyone who has driven 900 miles in one day would agree that it can be done, but its really not fun, and you end up being pretty much exhausted for a couple days after. In essence, it ends up being counter-productive on a vacation type trip.

    I agree with Buck, shooting for South Carolina would be what I would be looking at for the second night, and then finish your drive up the next day.

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    We decided to stay in Carney's Point, NJ for our first night.

    Does anyone have a map of the ocean hiway? I've read bits about it but nothing really gives too much detail it seems.

    We would do I-95 in one day if we did travel that and switch off driving between my husband & I. But if we did the Ocean Hiway, we would most likely split it into 2 days.

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