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    Iím driving from Austin to Santa Fe this summer with two young kids. Iím thinking about making the 12 hour, 730 mile trip at night leaving at 7pm arriving ~ 7am, so the kids sleep and have two questions:

    1. What is the best route?

    2. Will gas stations be open along the route?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I see two options that would be pretty close in travel time. One would be to get over to I-10, and then cut north on US-285 via Roswell, the other would be to use US-84 and go through Lubbock. I think the Roswell option might be a bit faster, but it will be pretty close either way.

    Since most stations have pay at the pump, you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding fuel even at night, but you will be going through some relatively unpopulated areas so I wouldn't let your fuel tank get too low.

    Otherwise, Remember that a 700+ mile drive is a long trip and 12+ hours on the road should be considered work. Driving at night will certainly add to the stress of the situation. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the day before you go and please if you start getting drowsy stop and sleep.

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