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  1. Default Moving from Philadelphia, PA to San Diego, CA

    Hi Everyone,

    My fiance and I are moving from Philadelphia to San Diego at the end of July/beginning of August and we'll be doing the cross country drive so we can see some of the beautiful scenery in between! We're planning to take at least one and maybe two weeks for the trek. I'd love some advice on what route to take and what to see along the way. Most of the things I have on my visit wish list so far are in NM, AZ, UT, and NV: Grand Canyon (of course), Las Vegas, Carlsbad Caverns, and Zion National Park to name a couple. So, suggestions on where to go/what to see in the middle of the country would be great! Especially anything to do with national parks or good museums.


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    i'm doing something extremely similar right around the same time as you!

    i'll be coming from about an hour northeast of philly (on the nj/pa border basically) and going to orange county for a few days and then down the 5 to san diego. we're leaving july 15 and must be back in orange county by july 25.

    other suggestions i have gotten are lawrence, ks; taos, nm; death valley (a bit more out of your way, pretty close to vegas though), and the petrified forest right by taos.

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    What a coincidence! Hope your trip goes well, and thanks for the suggestions :) I've heard the petrified forest is really cool, but I haven't checked out Lawrence, KS or Taos, NM yet.

  4. Default Critique my route - Philadelphia to San Diego

    Hey everybody,

    My roadtrip is fast approaching, and we've been planning and revising our route so I'd love some input from some of you seasoned roadtrippers. It will be myself and my fiance travelling from Philadelphia to San Diego. We're planning to camp along the way with hotel stays here and there for a hot shower and a bed.

    Here's what I've got so far:
    Start out Philadelphia
    Cincinnati, OH (1 day)
    St. Louis, MO (1 day)
    Topeka, KS (1day)
    Colorado Springs, CO (1 day)
    Black Canyon of the Gunnison, CO (2 days)
    Zion Nat'l Park, UT (2 days)
    Grand Canyon, AZ (1-2 days)
    Phoenix, AZ (1 day)
    End San Diego, CA

    We're most interested in seeing the National parks in the southwest, so that's where I'd like to spend the most time. Any advice on which roads are better to travel or more scenic would be great. It looks like we'll be on 70 most of the time until Colorado then 50 to Gunnison and back up to 70 to Utah, from there down 15 to Zion, then 89 to 64 to the Grand Canyon, then 180 to 40 to 17 down to Phoenix, then take 10 to 85 to 8 over to San Diego. Let me know what you think of the route, and any advice you have for us would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think your basic route and plan looks good, although I personally might make a couple of adjustments.

    You actually are going at a pretty slow pace through the midwest. That's not a problem if you want to stop look around and enjoy yourself with lots of sightseeing along the way. If you want to really focus on the south west, Instead of stopping in St. Louis and Topeka, I might just stop around Kansas City and save a day.

    Also, instead of giving 2 days to Black Canyon, I might instead just spend one day there and then give another day to another park. Arches would certainly be right on your way and is well worth seeing. I'd also probably try to fit Bryce Canyon into your trip.

    Overall, I think you are in good shape, and there is really nothing wrong with your current plan - just a couple other things for you to consider.

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