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    I wish I had discovered this site prior to the eve of my departure.
    I am moving from Vermont (New England) to Southern California. I notice that every trip planner has me going right through the areas with high flooding. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
    I am planning to leave VT on monday the 16th at 9 am and arrive sometime between friday and saturday the 21st to So Cal.
    Id love to see some great attractions, but also make a fairly timely trip.
    I have a travel partner and we are more interested in staying at campgrounds rather then hotels... any other suggestions?

    Thank you!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are several popular routes for traveling cross country, so without knowing which of those options you are looking at, its hard to give much more advice on suggestions to change or improve your route.

    The same is pretty much true with the camping aspect. Camping is a great way to save a little money while you make your way across the country. Otherwise, I'm not sure what sort of questions you might have.

    I also would like to be able to give you some attractions you might enjoy, but you haven't told us anything about what sorts of things you'd like to see.

    I know you'll be leaving shortly, but I think you'll need to give us a little more help before we can help with the specifics of your trip. In the meantime, you might simply try looking through the many threads and articles on this site that should provide some good general insight as you head out the door.

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    Thank you for the suggestions. I really was just looking for any and all ideas. Attractions that others have enjoyed, routes that people have enjoyed... Possibly during a similar trek? Northeast to so cal. We are currently driving on I90 in the buffalo area, and most likely will be stopping at niagara falls. Then back on 90 and eventually to I-80... Where we are in need of possible detours around the flooding.
    I hope this helps, and again thank you for the suggestions!

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    Default staying a little south

    Instead of sticking to I-80, I might look at going down to St. Louis and then using I-44 and I-40. That should keep you south of the major flooding issues right now, and it also follows the path of old Route 66, so you'd have plenty of things to keep you busy while you are on the road.

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    That's great. Thank you. We drove through the night and currently are traveling on I-70 through Indiana. We shall be heading south shortly.
    Thanks again!

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    I am wondering about the flooding also - If we are taking Route 90 across the the country, is that where the flooding is? I can't seem to figure out which roads it would effect. Thank you!

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