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  1. Default is this too much to do in 3 weeks

    Hi all,
    I am so happy I found this forum, it is full of such great info!!

    Anyway I am hoping I could get some insight regarding the itinerary I have put in place, am I dreaming or is it doable? Also as a side note, I am doing this with my husband and two boys (3 & 6), they are great road trippers but I don't want to push them.

    Here it is:
    Day 1 Fly from Vancouver to Houston (rent car)
    Day 2 Drive to Baton Rouge
    Day 3 Drive to Mobile
    Day 4 Drive to Orlando
    Day 5 - 7 Orlando (keep the kids (and me) happy with Mickey)
    Day 8 Drive to Savannah
    Day 9 Drive to Wilmington
    Day 10 Drive to DC
    Day 11 Drive to Hershey PA
    Day 12 Hershey PA (more themeparks)
    Day 13 Drive to NYC
    Day 14 NYC
    Day 15 Drive to Boston
    Day 16 Boston
    Day 17 - 21 easiest way back to Houston

    I don't have much planned yet regarding what we will stop to see along the way or in the cities we stay.
    I am a little upset that we are missing the Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore but I can't figure how to fit these in, and I think in the middle of summer it would be too busy and too warm

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Mostly doable

    This is definitely within reason, although I've never taken a roadtrip with kids so I can't vouch for that. If they're seasoned trippers like you suggest then it shouldn't be too big a deal.

    I assume the Wilmington is the one in North Carolina, not Delaware. I went "Woahhh" for a second until I realized which one you meant. Haha.

    The route from Mobile, AL to Orlando, FL is a little long (500 miles) so that will probably be one of your more challenging days. Definitely no time to stop and see anything, that's for sure.

    If plausible, I would steal one of your "get-back-to-Houston" days and spend the extra time in either DC, NY, or Boston, depending on what city most intrigues you. You just can't see everything in one day, those places. I'm pretty confident you can get back to Houston within 4 days/3 nights using just the major highways.

    I'd recommend a deterrent (a la Nintendo/Sony) for the young-ins during the long phases of the trip. Have they been exposed to the 8-hour days of traveling?

    Good luck!

  3. Default thanks for your thoughts

    thanks for the thoughts.
    The kids have done quite a few long days in the car. I think the longest day thus far was from Williams CA to home (Langley BC), but that was really pushing it.
    I really want to get in as much as possible but not make it all about "getting there", love the idea of taking in sites along the way. I guess I probably should have said "drive towards" rather than "drive to" as again if we need to stay somewhere along the way in order to see a site we are willing to do that.
    I agree that those major cities need more than a day but we did visit them last year and I (without kids this time, yippee, a shopping I will go, a shopping I will go...) will be returning to NYC in the fall.

    Where would a good stop be between Mobile and Orlando that would make the drive easier but still get us into Orlando quite early, say 2 - 3 hours away?

    Thanks again

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    Default Not very familiar with Florida

    I've only been to Florida once (travelled 16 hours straight from New Orleans to Cape Canaveral to catch the July 2005 shuttle launch. Don't ask me how I did that.)

    I would have said Daytona Beach as an intermediate, but that's out of the way on your path, as it would take you just as long to get there as if you were going to Orlando itself. The Gainesville/Ocala stretch may be your best bet but I didn't take the I-75 so I can't be of any more help on this.

    Maybe a seasoned Floridan can help out with this...

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    Default Starting Point

    I'm a little puzzled by your choice of Houston as a starting point, especially if you are planning to make this a round trip. Right now you've got yourself set up for a whole lot of driving, without much time left over for much anything else.

    If your focus is the east coast, then perhaps it would make more sense to start your trip by flying into Florida. You could also give yourself a lot more time if you switched to a one way trip. It would cost more money, but it would give you quite a bit more to work with.

    I guess the other thing I'm just not 100% I understand is why you've picked this trip or this route based on what you apparently want. I mean, you list a couple of places like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore where you haven't been but would like to go, but you are instead traveling through a bunch of cities, and you aren't spending much time at any of them because you saw them last year. Three weeks does give you a nice amount of time to work with, so I might instead look at doing a cross country trip going from the Grand Canyon, traveling across the south, and ending in Orlando. That would give you plenty of time to stop and see things along the way, while exploring some new areas.

  6. Default I can understand the confusion

    with picking Houston as a starting point.
    The reason, I have credits on Continental for my husband and youngest that didn't make the trip east last year. My husband has anxiety attacks regarding flying (that's why I have the credit, he cancelled just before the trip) and I figured Houston was probably the furthest I could get him in the air. I would just leave from Vancouver but I hate to let the credits go to waste!
    I would love to not do a return loop but I am finding the cost to rent a car and drop it in another state extremely expensive.
    I think the best way to explain my route and not including the sites I listed below is this: compromising with a family made up of many different likes and dislikes.
    I am desperate to see the south, I have been a few times for work but not long enough to experience it. Hubby, needs to see the east, it would be a first for him, and kids, well... I just don't think at 3 and 6 that they would really care for the GC or Mt. Rushmore, roller coasters and characters are what they are after.
    Your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time :)

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    Default compromises

    First, I will say that you might not be giving your kids enough credit. Its easy to assume that your kids will only be interested in those very in your face kids center attractions, like theme parks. Most kids can still enjoy trips to natural wonders like the grand canyon, especially if you make time to stop at simple things like a playground for them to have some time focused on them.

    As far as the one way trip, I understand it does cost more and I certainly can understand trying to work things around a budget. That said, I'd expect you'd find one way drop off fees to be around $500, and just for gas to drive back to Houston, you'd need to spend $300 or more. Certainly a couple hundred dollars is a significant amount of money, but I'd also think about what your time is worth. The 3-4 days needed to sprint back to Houston would go a long way towards giving you some time to actually see the cities on the east cost you've listed. Do which everone works best for you, but just don't let the sticker shock from one way drop fees keep you from seeing the bigger picture about what you'll get with that money and how it fits with the rest of your trip.

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