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    Hello All! New to the board, but very glad I found this. I am sure someone out there can help me with my dilemma. I am moving from Baton Rouge, LA to San Francisco, CA next week. While we are having the furniture, etc. shipped. I will be driving a truck and horse trailer (no horse) with things the company won't ship, PLUS 3 dogs and 2 cats. I am wondering which is a better route for the animal's. Through El Paso (southern route) or through Dallas (northern route). I mapped them and they are about the same distance. Just wondering if one would be more "pet friendly"? Would a northern route be ANY cooler? Maybe less distance in those "long stretches" of nothingness? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My dogs are going to love this little adventure. The cats, not so much! Therefore it behooves me to get to CA asap and in as much comfort as possible. ;)

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    Default Beyond Texas?

    Hello Go West-

    I wonder what your planning shows as to other territories traversed beyond Texas on the Northern Route vs the Southern Route. I am assuming the former involves I-40 in NM and AZ while the latter involves Phoenix and enters Sou Cal way down south.

    If it were me, I'd surely try, as you are, to route such that you can avoid extreme desert heat to the extent possible, so long as such routing doesn't have you with greatly more mountain pass barriers. The extreme heat can have a world of effect on your truck's transmission as you tow even the empty horse trailer.

    I'd also route such that I could avoid the LA Basin in California as much as possible. Even the major LA-SF routes of US 101, I-5, and CA-99 can feature heavy traffic, and in my admittedly brief experience, the traffic within about a 100 mile radius of LA is simply unreal, especially if you come from a low-traffic environment.

    Good luck on your planning and travel,


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