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  1. Default Sacramento to Vancouver,

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm really glad I found this forum! My wife and child are planning a road trip from Sacramento to Vancouver. Leaving Monday July 7 retuning Saturday/Sunday July 12-13.

    This is our first trip. I would like help with what route to take, time frame needed in Oregon, Washington and Vancouver, places that are a MUST see, lodging, etc.

    Thanks Everyone

  2. Default heres some help :)

    Hi there,
    done this drive many times on our way from Van to Disney.
    I would have to say that obviously the easiest way to get to Van is via the I5, but not the prettiest.
    If you have time I would definitely drive up the Oregon Coast, it is magnificent.
    We have in the past rented cottages on the beach in Lincoln City. A very laid back time but a lot of family fun.
    Also Seaside OR is a great place for the family.
    If you are staying on the I5 you could check out the Great Wolf Lodge near Olympia WA, it is new, haven't been but would love a review if you do go. The kids can't wait to go there :)
    As for time I think one overnight in each direction would be comfortable. We usually take 2 nights to get to Anaheim but that's only because my little one seems to need every rest stop along the way, lol.
    I can only comment really on Vancouver as this is my town but if you have never been here before I would slot in two days if possible. Check out Whistler (beautiful in the summer) but if you do just be prepared for some delays along the way, a lot of construction due to the Olympics still going on.

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