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  1. Default chicago to niagara falls???

    A friend and i are planning on taking three or four days to drive from chicago to niagara falls (on the canadian side, i heard it is pretty from that side). we are all about having a blast and enjoying ourselves along the way. does anyone know of some fun stuff we can see or do along the way? At the falls is there anything totally sweet that we should know to definitely check out? any advise on to make this trip go smooth would be awesome!!

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    It's hard to know exactly what will appeal to someone else, but here are a couple of quirky, fun places along the way to the Falls: the American Museum of Magic in Marshall and the Cascades in Jackson (more flowing water). While in the Niagara area, the towns of Niagara-on-the-Lake (Ontario) and Youngstown (NewYork) are two towns on Lake Ontario that are worth a visit.

    You do know that it is no longer possible to drive up to the border, state that you are a US citizen and be allowed to cross, don't you. You will need a passport (best) or BOTH a government issued photo identification AND proof of citizenship (birth certificate or naturalization papers).


  3. Default yep

    hey thanks for the advise. yeah i had heard that. heres hoping i get my passport back from applying for my visa!!! thanks for the help!

  4. Default Niagara Falls: cheap places to stay?

    a friend and i are planning on staying for two days in niagara falls and i was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for cheap, but nice places to stay? we are trying to stay as close to $100 dollars a night as possible. of course we would make exceptions and pay a little more if someone had a fabulous idea for a great place. we don't necessarily need to stay right on the falls (or have a view of the falls from our window). but i also don't want to stay in a dump or be miles away or anything! any suggestions would be great. would camping/ staying in a cabin be a bad idea?

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    Unfortunately, $100 does not go too far up here in Canada (Niagara Falls) in summer. For a decent place like four stars you will need about $125 + tax + parking ($150 all in). Nice clean places to stay is Marriott off Clifton hills. They always have a package deal where you get a meal, breakfast and a nights stay along with a free ride to and back from the casino. They usually advertise at the following site

    If they are not advertising on the site, it's usually one of their comparators, so check it out.

    Good luck.
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