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    I have a TrekAmerica tour booked from San Francisco on the 6th July and wanted to do a bit of a road trip too!!

    I am looking at driving from the Seattle to Portland and then moving across from portland to travel down the 101 into San Francisco. I am probably looking at doing it in about 3/4 days.

    I was just wandering if there is any particular places that people would recommend as overnight stop off's along the way? Or any particular changes to the route that might enable me to see anything else worth seeing!!

    Thanks in advance


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Three or four days should give you ample time to explore the coast on the way down from Portland to San Francisco. July will be the busy time of year along there, particularly in Oregon, so don't expect empty to be able to make great time. Still it should be well worth it. Judy, who lives in the Pacific Northwest, has written a number of posts on that area and I would (and plan to) use her recommendations.


  3. Default Seattle to San Francisco...Soon!!

    Iv got my first roadtrip planned for the end of this month and was just looking for some help in deciding the route and activities along the way!!

    I will be driving from Seattle (leaving on the 1st July) and driving down to San Francisco (Arriving 5th July). So far I am a little unsure of the route apart from knowing that I would like to travel along the coastal road where possible, mainly I am just looking for a nice relaxing few days taking in the best of the route.

    I would be super grateful for any advice on which routes to take, the best places to to stop overnight. I would also be really interested in any recommendations for places that might have 4th July celebrations worth attending?

    Look forward to all of your ideas!! :)

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    Default Our Best on the Subject

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    That general area, routes and attractions has been written about extensively by our resident Moderator, Judy. You can find some of here best posts on the subject here.


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    Thanks...those were really useful and I have been able to build up a route plan from those.

    The route plan is here.

    Does anyone have any comments on the route or particularly scenic roads to take between each of the places?

    Thanks for all your help!!
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    Default Lots of criss-crossing, Djsban

    I think these roads will take longer to travel than you imagine. All but the sections of interstate will usually be 2-lane roads, quite windy, and you will be slowed by RVs and other slower moving traffic. You might consider skipping Crater Lake and Tahoe and just enjoy the coast. You would continue down 101 from Gold Beach and enjoy the giant Redwoods, beautiful Eureka, and the breath-taking NorCal coastline if you take CA-1 south of Eureka into San Francisco.

    But if you want to travel your planned route, this map/directions should help. However, you will be forced to zip past some wonderful scenery and places worth stopping at and exploring further. If you are cool with a whistle-stop tour and are comfortable knowing you won't have a lot of time to explore any of these places, then it could be a good trip. Sometimes a whistle-stop is better than not seeing something at all, right?

    Again, it's not the miles that are significant but, rather, the type of traffic/roads and the fact that there is so much to enjoy along the way.

    Oh, the road from Gold Beach to I-5 is fairly rustic. I have also read conflicting reports on whether or not it is open. I have read that there is a huge boulder blocking the road that can't easily be moved. And then I've read that this is incorrect. You might spent some time at the Oregon DOT website to confirm whether or not it's open. If it's not, you'll need to either go south from Gold Beach to Crescent City, CA, and then 199 to Grant's Pass. Or backtrack north and take 42 east to I-5. Either way will add a lot of miles to this leg. Unless, of course, you don't go all the way south to Gold Beach and, instead, go east at Bandon.

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