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    i am a soldier deployed in iraq. i will be takeing my family on a road trip from kempner texas to visit family in cape fair Missourie near branson. i know all about branson. i dont plan on staying there more then 2 days. i will be traveling with my wife and 2 children one 3 and one 9. is there any stops i could make along the route that would be interesting for my children. i would be willing to overnight somewhere a night or two aswell. i dont know the roads off hand but i will be heading up through dallas then either towards oklahoma then arkansas and then missourie i believe. i have not seen my wife and child for about 9 months and then have to leave again after the trip so i want it to be meaningful for them. please help thank you erik

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    First off, thanks for your service. And I hope you realize that what will make this trip special for your wife and kids is that you will be with them. Almost nothing else matters. With that in mind, I suggest that you take a very relaxed trip and visit a few low-key places along the way. That will make it easier on you and your wife, and the kids won't notice that you're not going to Six Flags or some such. With that in mind, I'd also stay off the Interstates and away from the big sites for the most part. Plan instead on traveling some back roads, seeing the country, swimming and picnicking at state parks, visiting small kid-friendly museums and the like, and at the end of a two or three day adventure as a family being at your destination.

    Here is just one possible route and set of stops to let you see what's possible. Start by heading east through Temple and Marlin and taking TX-14 north for a swim and a picnic at Fort Parker State Park. After a short run on I-45 take TX-34 from Ennis up to Commerce and the Northeast Texas Children's Museum. TX-24 and US-271 would take you up to Talihina, OK where you can get on the Talimena Scenic Drive into Arkansas. From Mena, AR US-73 and AR-23 provide scenic routes through western Arkansas up to southwestern Missouri through the Ouachita and Ozark-St. Francis National Forests.


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    Default thanks

    i will send this to my wife we might try it looks like it might be good for the kids thank you again

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