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    As part of my honeymoon in the US, I am planning to hire a corvette and travel up from Phoenix to Santa Monica in one day.

    I know most people would take I-10 as the quickest and most sensible route but I really want to head up to Flagstaff and travel on what remains of route 66, even if only for a short while.

    Is this plan reasonable or even possible in one day? I know if I travelled a bit further up I could get to the Grand Canyon but that's going to have to wait for another holiday so it would be a day of solid travelling.

    Any thoughts would be really appreciated.


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    Trying to get all the way up to Flagstaff would indeed be too much to try in one day. That's getting close to 700 miles. But you could take US-93 northwest out of Phoenix to the Kingman area and then travel one of the more interesting segments of old Route 66 through Oatman before rejoining I-40 near Needles


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    Thanks AZBuck. That seems to make a lot more sense! The Oatman stretch looks really nice as well.

    Thanks for your help

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    If you have a convertible, and you're going on 66, why would you ever want to rush this? If your vacation can afford it, throw in an extra day. Nothing ruins a good time like having to rush. I'm planning on doing 66 this coming spring, and I've really tried to limit the mileage to under 200 a day while on the route. This is simply to ensure that we have time to really get off the bike and enjoy the trip. The roads fun, but so is havin a couple beers with friendly strangers on the way! Good luck and travel safe!

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    Sorry, I misread your first post. I read Corvette, and assumed convertible. Either way, it sounds like a great time! Are you getting a new vette, or one of the old classics. There's definite advantages to both.

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    Specific directions to Oatman from Kingman:

    If you want to go through Kingman, take Exit 53 off I-40 (Andy Devine Blvd) and take that through town. It's signed as AZ-66/Business 40, and also has Historic 66 signage. Coming out of town, follow the signs to US-93 and get back on I-40 west. Take that to exit 44, which will take you over Sitgreaves Pass into Oatman. If you don't want to go into Kingman, simply stay on I-40 to exit 44.

    Coming out of Oatman, about 2 miles south of town there will be a fork - take the right fork, it should be signed as County 153, Boundary Cone Road. Turn left on AZ-95 which will take you into Needles, pick up I-40 west. You can also take the left fork, which will take you to I-40 at Topock.

    My map doesn't give exit numbers along that stretch, but take I-40 about 25 miles out of Needles to National Trails Hwy, that's Historic 66. Take that through Amboy and it will return you to I-40 at Ludlow.

    You can get off in Barstow and take Historic 66 from there all the way to Victorville if you want.

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