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  1. Default orlando to newyork or orland to la

    hi great site full of info im from the uk and will be out in orlando for 2 weeks what we are looking to do is traven for the frist 7 days and say local to orlando for the secand part of or holiday so that would leave us 3 and a 1/2 days to travel out from orland and 3and a 1/2 days to gt back to orlando

    we want to know where is reachable in 3 and a half days with 2 drivers looking to go to la or new york which is the most realalistic place we get to and where is the mall of america ? how may hours driver to each place from orlando and is it a night mere ride ?

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    Forget LA and Mall of America (in Minnesota)... they are really not do-able in that amount of time. You could do NY but you won't have a whole lot of time. It would take you about 18-20 hours (one way) drive time. There are lots of other great sites to see closer to Orlando - have you considered the Florida Keys & Key West (5-6 hours), Atlanta (6 hours) or maybe New Orleans (9 hours)?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Amyem has provided some excellent advice. You'd need at least 5 days each way just to make the drive across the continent to visit LA. The Mall of America near Minneapolis is also out of reach unless you buy a plane ticket.

    Honestly, NY would be on the extreme end of where you could go. You'd still need at least 2 full days of driving for that trip, so it wouldn't give you much time in the city.

    In addition to the excellent ideas you were given for other cities, you might also look at Washington DC, being at least a half day closer to Florida than NY.

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    thanks guy for the advice and welcome its my first trip to the us and we have free car rental and wanted to see some of real america has any one got any i dears as to were what new orleans like?

  5. Default road trip to Atlanta or new orleans?

    hi all i fly out to the us soon to orlando and am looking to have a look out side of florida i have have a 7 clear days to do this and get back to orlando

    my first question is where would be the best place to go atlanta or new orleans for a tast of real america and the nicest places ect ?

    and second question is how long would it take to get to florida keys and are they worth a vist?

    i thank u inadvance for ur anwers and am looking for a spedy reply as i fly out 2 morr night
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  6. Default my personal preference...

    New Orleans over Atlanta in my opinion! (although Atlanta is closer)

    If you have time, do the Keys - it is a 5-6 hour drive from Orlando, depending on how far you go. Key West is at the end, but it is a fantastic, fun city to visit!

    Good luck and have fun!

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