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  1. Default Moving from Wash, DC to West Tx.

    I'm planning on taking my time with a moving truck from Washington Dc to the Amarillo, Tx area, and I'd like to know of some really neat points of interest on the way. I don't mind if its off the beaten path. The only requirement is I'll be heading through Nashville, TN.

    Thanks for any and all the thoughts.........

    on my way.

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    Default On the Move

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I-81 and I-40 will get you there in good shape, but some places you'll definitely want to consider for side trips include Shenandoah National Park (BTW - if you're moving, take this 'last' opportunity to see some of the local DC places you always meant to), the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Natchez Trace and Shiloh National Military Park, Mud Island in Memphis, Hot Springs National Park, The Oklahoma City Memorial, and Cadillac Ranch when you finally get to Amarillo.


  3. Default neat places to see....

    I'm moving from Washington DC to the TX panhandle in august. I'd like to make the trip fun. Any recommendations of sites to see? I'd like to go through Nashville, and not go completely off the path. But yet, I don't really want to see the "normal" sites. I am bringing a cat with me, so that makes this whole trip a little tricky. But aren't road trips supposed to be tricky? Any and all advice is welcome............
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    Default What about AZBuck's recommendations?

    I thought those sounded pretty good. (See post #2 above).

    The cat does make things a bit tricky. Post #4 in this discussion should lead you to a lot of good information on how to do it safely for your furry friend. Even the ones that focus on dogs will have tips that will work OK for cats, too.

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