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    Default New York to wherever..

    I am visiting the US for just over 2 months and staying in New York presently, I really want to see as much of America as I can and as such I thought a Road trip was the way to go.

    I really don't have any plans as yet other than dreams of driving cross country to San Fransisco then down the West coast to LA. Is this too far for a month and a half? I don't want to blast through the route it would be nice to stop for a few days here and there along the route.

    I have some money saved for it but probably not enough to do the whole route alone, I am looking for anything and everything; Advice on routes, People who might want to come along for part, or all, of the journey, and anything else I should know.

    I would be looking to leave at the end of June, or beginning of July.

    I am a 26 year old Architect, who loves the outdoors, surfing, snowboarding, traveling, and meeting new people.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    It takes about five days to drive coast-to-coast in the US, so a month and a half gives you plenty of time to get out and meander.

    About what are you looking at for a budget for this trip? This will go a long way helping you get some valuable suggestions. You do have the majority of the country at your fingertips with this time frame.

    Here is a start to a possible route. Figure on a week for this portion; this should give you an idea of what is possible.

    Leaving New York up to New England, visit the Connecticut coastline, up to Boston, then on to New Hampshire and Vermont for the White and Green Mountains, respectively.

    West into New York and across the Northern Tier, through the Adirondacks.
    West along the coast of Lake Erie.

    Are you planning on returning to New York at the end of your trip?

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    Default Plenty of Time to Wander - An Alternative Route

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You could hit the three cities you've named in a drive of around 3,000 miles which could be done fairly comfortably as a drive in about a week, so you've got four weeks or so for just looking around, taking side trips or whatever. As far as costs go, I personally would feel comfortable with around $5,000 plus the cost of the car rental, but you can certainly travel for less. Have a look at this primer on RoadTrip costs.

    As for what to see, the whole country is open to you, you just can't see it all. If you're only going one way from New York to Los Angeles, then one general route that would let you see a good portion of different parts of the county would go something like this. Head down I-95 through the historic cities of Philadelphia and Washington, see a little of the east coast by visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina, cross parts of the south to get to the Appalachian Mountains and such highlights as the Great Smoky Mountains and Mammoth Cave, follow the great American rivers, the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri, maybe head up to Chicago and see at least one of the Great Lakes, cross the plains through Iowa and the old Oregon Trail in Nebraska, see the Rockies in Colorado and the great national parks in Utah, spend a bit of time around Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, head for San Francisco by way of Death Valley and Yosemite and finish up with a drive sown the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles.


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    Thanks for the quick response. I have about $3000 dollars for the trip so really need to find someone to share the gas etc, i think I might couch surf rather than camp or stay in motels as that should save me some cash. What I really need now is someone to go with so as I can start sorting dates, If you hear of anyone thinking of this or a similar trip please do put them in contact with me, thanks again I will write again to let you know my final plans etc.

  5. Default up for a roadtrip

    hi there,

    im 28 women looking for someone to share a ride with - i want to get to nyc on the 18th june, and maybe from there take a trip down, or west, or whatever.

    im also a couchsurf member , and i actualy love camping aswell.

    i have no car, but i have the drive!

    just did australia south to north on a 4wd, in two months. and it was the best two months in the whole trip.

    contact me,

    052-8498166 (its an israeli phone try to send sms)



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    Hey Kerenoz,

    I can't get through to you on your mobile, As yet I don't have a car sorted but I am making inroads into that problem at the moment, why not send me an email at and we can meet up when you get into town. Thanks.

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