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    Default Back from Alaska

    My husband and I just returned from our trip to Alaska. All of you helped us make the decisions and encouraged me about the Kenai Peninsula boat trip. We had a great time, good weather, enjoyed the B&Bs. We stayed with a 3rd place winner in the Iditarod 1993. It was up in Healy, not too far from the Stampede Road. Everyone we met was kind and helpful. Denali was kind of quiet since the season just begun and because of the hard winter a lot of the animals were not far down from the hills. Denali the mountain was just wonderful to behold. The mountains seemed to follow us everywhere. The roads are better than here in Baltimore. We traveled mainly from Healy to Seward and stopped for 2 days in Talkeetna which is a lovely little town and took the plane ride to the mountain and glaciers, just a terrific way to see the scenery. Our B and B in Talkeetna faced Denali. The road trip I think gives you the best opportunity to talk to Alaskans born there or come theres. We used a tour company to plan our itinerary and make reservations etc. For us that worked out because on our own we might not have done as much. Some of it was tiring. Glad you all recommended the meclizine for Kenai, it helped. I think we could have done just as well with a 5 hr tour instead of 9.5 hours but have to say we saw it all, orcas, whales both right next to the boat, seals, sea lions, eagles. We did not see bears hardly thru the whole trip, just from a distance in Denali. Moose were everywhere. It was just a wonderful experience. What a shock to having a fireplace on Friday am with 43 degrees and coming back to Baltimore's 95+ heat wave. Thanks again for all of you and your help!! I looked on this board to plan a trip to Dallas and started reading about Alaska and look where it got us.
    Donna B
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    Default I'm so glad you had a terrific trip!

    I looked on this board to plan a trip to Dallas and started reading about Alaska and look where it got us.
    This is hysterical. Glad the change was a good one for you and that we were able to help you in your planning. I hope you'll continue to visit us and help out other travelers when you can.

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    My husband finally got me to agree to a western trip in August, 2008 now I can't wait to return! We are beginning to plan an Alaskan trip for June, 2009. I have pre-ordered the new addition of The Mile Post from Amazon. Do you have a more detailed journal of your trip posted somewhere? I would love to know more. I found lots of info from a journal in a forum at I am hoping by combining and editing others experiences we can come up with a custom trip for us and know what not to miss and what to avoid at all cost! Thanks for any and all info you care to share.
    Phillis in Arkansas
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    Default Welcome

    Hello Phillis, welcome to R.T.A.

    It apears that Donna B hasn't been on the forums for quite some time, but you might find this this thread of interest.

    Here's Craig's report on his visit

    If you have any specific questions just ask and although I won't be able to help I am sure someone will be along that can.

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    Phillis, the Milepost will arrive, probably in March. That will give you the best part of three months to really go through it and study the map. The detail in the Milepost is such, that you do not have a chance of missing anything along the way. I found it extrememly valuable in 2004, and plan to use it again this year.

    If you are driving up, I can highly recommend that you take the route through Lake Louise to Jasper and the the Alaska Highway through to Delta Junction or Fairbanks.

    And the boat trip out of Seward is a must. We saw so much wildlife and glaciers.... absolutely worth it. And Seward is a neat little place.

    Lifey who departs for North America in 87 days

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