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    Default Advice on Which to Bring GPS? Reg. road maps/atlas?

    i was wondering what would be better to bring on cross country trips.. digital-GPS handheld or in dash screens/ or Maps/atlas both? what do you all think? should i spend the extra money for the digital stuff? Is it worth the money?


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    I would say that if you want adventure you should go with the old way, maps.
    If you need to go from A to B in a certain time then a GPS is very handy..

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    Default Old school

    Hello Nate-

    I will say that in my humble opinion, there is no COMPLETE substitute for maps, the ability to read them, and common sense. I like GPS and navigation systems in general, but I would not leave my home county without maps.

    Then again, I'm 53 years old and hold a "Curmudgeon-In-Training" certificate.


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    Default paper

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Personally, I've never used a GPS for a roadtrip, and really have never found a need or even a use for one.

    That said, plenty of people do like them and find them to be helpful, but I would never use a GPS as the only navigation tool available. A good map/atlas should be a must carry, even as a backup to the latest technology.

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    Default awesome

    THanks guys! I definately agree with all of you! i have a gps in my car but i just feel kind of vulnerable when i go on day trips to whereever the road takes me. But Thats my fault for not taking a paper map/atlas! i'll prob take both on my Orange county run, but I'll leave the gps for when im in a time binding situation!


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    Default Paper Maps!

    There is no substitute. Of course, I'm a Curmudgeon-in-Training, too. (LOL, Foy.)

    GPS can be handy for helping you find a hotel, restaurant, gas station, etc. if you need one and aren't finding one via road signs.

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    Default Digital reliance

    I've always thought blind reliance on digitized data is troublesome. It's the kind of thing that might produce change of $165.27 when you buy a cheeseburger at McDonalds and pay for it with a $20. The cashier sees $165.27 on the display, and by George, that's what you're getting........


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    Default Paper / digital maps

    I work in software, and I too actually prefer using paper maps when on the road. GPS is great for finding places to eat, shops, etc. as mentioned, but I like using paper maps (and to some extent, digital) when on the road, and when planning a trip.

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    Default awesome

    thanks guys ! paper maps it is! i have always liked paper more but my car has a gps and only like it because it has a voice of a female swede :) 'turn left here' ha but yeah!

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    Default Some more ideas

    Here are a couple of threads you ought to read:

    Tom Tom Trials

    Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS


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