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    Howdy Road-Trippers!! I am Brand new to this site! I have spent the last few weeks looking over this whole site and I am Astonished by this site.. Theres literally everything you would ever need to know! ANYHOW, Im starting to plan a little roadtrip for the spring of 2009.. Starting out in Lino Lakes, MN and Ending in Dauphin Island, AL about 1300mi one way.. I want this to be good.. I have been on numberous road trips, several from MN-Loredo, TX, MN-Colorado Springs, CO twice. I want this to be the mother of all road trips before i turn 21. I'm taking 15-20 days for this adventure. I'm Drivin My 2002 Maxima. It gets decent gas mileage, its super comfy, its reliable, I have done more research for the right all around car, daily life, road trip, I think i have done alright! I can give up german engineering for reliablity and brute speed for comfort. I would love to hear your Thoughts and suggestions for this trip!! Please hit me with some feedback!

    i have a few things to add to this.. i am adding a week onto this so it will be about a month long i want to make a few extra stops on the way to the island and then were slimmin down the time on the island and were going to drive up the coast to north carolina and then home. i guess my questions are - are there better scenic roads along coast than others? any really awesome places to actually stop?

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