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    hi, i have been visiting this forum for over a year and half now, and being a road trip LOVER, i finally decided to join. so my family (my parents + 4 siblings ages 18-11) are going from our home in toronto to orlando florida this summer.

    we have two weeks for the trip including travel time. we will be using our dodge caravan, as it is fairly new and in excellent condition
    (yup all 7 of us in the van). however i was wondering if anyone could outline the best route for us to take. we dont mind if it takes 2 or 3 days.

    from my research it seems that we either take the 77/79 or the I-95. our main concern is safety and the availability of motels (but safety first).

    any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default At Least!

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It is going to take you three days, MINIMUM, to cover the nearly 1,500 miles from Toronto to Miami, so if all you can spare is three days, then you will need all of it to make the trip safely. The most direct route is to take the QEW to Buffalo, I-90 to Erie and then I-79 to Frametown (WV), US-19 to Beckley (WV) I-77 to Columbia (SC), and finally I-26 to I-95 pretty much straight south to Miami. There will be no shortage of available motels anywhere along this route.


  3. Default stops

    would you recommend which area to stop in the first night and the second night?

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    Default Three Days - Two Stops

    For a three day drive, overnight stops that would roughly equally divide the journey would be in Summersville, WV and Savannah, GA.


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