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  1. Default August Road trip (Ottawa to Las Vegas)

    Hello everyone!

    We need your help as we are planning our road trip. Our destination: Las Vegas/Grand Canyon (where we would like to do some camping). Departure: Ottawa, Canada! Distance: about 4000K according to Google map! Now we have about two full weeks to spend.

    How much time should we factor-in just to get there? What is there to see on the way (you know the 'must-see-attraction')? We are estimating that three days at the Grand Canyon is more then enough and we are even considering going to Yellowstone if time permits it.

    This will pretty much be our first time in that part of the U.S. At this point pretty much everything is open, so your views and suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At 4060 km (2,525 miles) by the most direct route, this is a minimum of 4 days one way - with NO stops. 5 days would be better, but even then you'd have to factor in the time spent seeing things along the way. add three days at the Grand Canyon (and thereabouts) and you've already used up 13+ days of your two weeks. So, I'd just forget Yellowstone which would add at least another day of driving (plus visiting time) to your trip.

    As has often been pointed out here, there is no single set of 'must-see-attractions'. What you should see depends entirely on your tastes, interests, and budget (time and money). Some of the major natural and historic tourist attractions along your route would be Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the Amana Colonies, the Oregon Trail, and Rocky Mountain, Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion National parks.


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    Default I agree that time is going to be tighter than you think

    It's a long drive, needing 5 days minimum. I think you should focus on things to explore in the Colorado/Utah areas and not spend as much time exploring areas closer to where you live (like the Amana Colonies and Indiana Dunes, for example). Not that these aren't good ideas but you can more easily get to them at another time, during a shorter trip.

    If it were me, I'd make good time until about Denver and then do a loop drive taking in the things to see in Colorado as I work my way to the Grand Canyon. Then a loop through the Utah parks before heading home again.

    Personally, I would skip Las Vegas (sorry, Mark) but, then again, I'm not big on gambling or the nightlife. If that's your thing, you won't do better than Vegas!

    Yes, skip Yellowstone for this trip unless you can add a few days. You just won't have time for that, too.

    While this is a roadtrip forum and we usually lean towards driving trips instead of flying, you might consider flying into Las Vegas and then doing a loop drive through the areas you want to see. It might not cost that much more money to do this and it would sure give you more time to explore the amazing sights in these areas.

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