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    Default Atlanta to New Orleans via Savannah

    Hi all,

    I'm just starting to plan a road trip for next April from Atlanta to New Orleans via Savannah and was wondering if anyone could give me any tips. We've got two weeks but would like to spend a couple of days in Atlanta and New Orleans, so probably got about 9/10 days travelling time.

    We were thinking about the route through Alabama and Mississippi but having read some pieces, it doesn't seem like there's much around in Alabama, and I've heard some great things about Savannah and would love to check it out myself.

    I've changed the route so we go East from Atlanta to Savannah and then hopefully coming down along the Gulf Coast to new Orleans.

    I was just wondering if this route was possible in a 9/10 day timeframe without having to speed around everywhere and what treasures there are along the way (if this is a good route).

    Thanks all for your help - if you need me to be more specific on anything just shout - this is my first road trip so a bit of a novice!


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    Yes, 9-10 days is plenty of time to wander around the southeastern US without feeling rushed, but I'd hardly say there's not 'much around'. For example, besides the cities you've listed, there's Cumberland Island, Okefenokee Swamp, St. Augustine, Andersonville, Old Cahawba, Gulf Islands, and several national wildlife refuges.


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    Cool - thanks ever so much for that!

    Glad we'll have time to have a more relaxing journey. And thanks for your suggestions on places to go - I really appreciate it!

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    Default alabama

    When you go through Alabama, if your following the coast.. South of Mobile there is Dauphin island,( man do i love that island.. theres a 7 mile bridge out to it. White sand beaches friendly locals! check it out !


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