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    Hi All

    I'm living in the UK and myself and a friend are planning a trip starting in NY and getting to California. We'd like to get to Illinois and join US 66 and go from there. Has anyone got any hints on how long this may take?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can make the trip from NY to LA in five full, but comfortable, days on the road. However, that is before any major siteseeing stops or detours onto 2 lane road, including elements of Historic Route 66 (US-66 technically doesn't exist anymore, but there many sections of the road, some signed as the historic 66, that are still available to travel.)

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    Thanks Midwest!

    Well that's good news, a lot sooner than I thought, although obviously we'll want to stop and see as much as we can. My travel buddy is in the forces, so we have about 3 weeks to fir the best of what we can in.

    Any hints and tips for the journey would be great. All help is welcome!


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    Default It should be a great trip!

    Three weeks should give you time to see the highlights along Route 66. You won't be able to linger real long and explore in depth, but you will get to see a lot of great things without feeling rushed. We have an entire page of links to websites with great tips on what to do and see along Route 66. Happy planning! And let us know if there's anything specific we can help you with during your planning process.

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