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    Hi All,

    Myself and a few friends are flying to the US from Ireland and planning a trip from Boston to San Francisco via Chicago IL, Bismarck ND and stopping in Butte MT. I would love hear from experienced roadtippers on weather its best to buy an oldish car or rent one? We have to complete the trip in two weeks hopefully from 27nd of October to 7th of November, I'm wondering if this is realistic weather and time-wise.

    This as yet is only a proposed route, would love hear a few opinions on it.

    thank you


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its nearly impossible to make buying a car worthwhile for a 2 week trip. You'd need to be taking up at least a couple of your few days dealing with the hassels of buying and selling, and after all that, you probably would end up spending more than if you just rent.

    The route you've listed is certainly possible with the time you have. It wouldn't be impossible to see some early winter weather on this path, but the odds would favor seeing pretty good conditions.

    Why did you pick Bismarck and Butte for stopping points? There's nothing wrong with them at all, but they are a little off the direct route, and not places people often list as priority locations

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